A cloud-based human capital management software with an employee self-service and performance management tools.

Product Overview

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) software provides you the tools necessary to plan, recruit, and develop talent within a single unified system. Workday HCM lets all employees access the solution from any device they choose; whether desktop or a mobile device, letting employees reply to changes whenever they are free.

Along with HCM, Workday has modules to cover a wide variety of business processes. From analytics to workforce planning, Workday can streamline day-to-day operations.


  • Available on desktop or mobile devices
  • Single unified HCM system
  • Offers a variety of performance management tools


  • Not suitable for small businesses
  • Higher cost than similar systems

About Workday HCM

Video Overview

Features of Workday HCM

  • Human Resource Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Global Compliance
  • Audit and Internal Controls
  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruiting
  • Talent Management
  • Learning
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Payroll Management
  • Time and Absence
  • Expenses
  • People Experience
  • Talent Marketplace

Analytics and Reporting

Workday combines pattern detection, graph processing, machine learning, and natural language generation to search through millions of data points, and surface insights in simple-to-understand stories.

Human Resource Management

Workday HRM software allows you to do more than just manage and track your workforce. Workday provides a complete understanding of your workforce, skills, and capabilities. With additional insight, you can make the right organizational changes, deliver personalized experiences, and nurture growth.

Workday Compensation

Workday Compensation provides compensation administrators with the right tools for making optimal decisions across the organization—from attracting the right talent to rewarding employees. Administrators can report and act on compensation plans in real time and use market data to make informed compensation decisions. Employees can see their total compensation on any device at any time.

  • Management by compensation basis
  • Configurable compensation statements
  • Equity tracking
  • Flexible pay-range segments
  • Step-progression management

Payroll and Workforce Management

Workday provides personalized experiences and flexibility for workers to get paid when they want so you can support your hourly, salaried, and part-time workers in the way that meets their needs.

Employee Experience

Make work more productive by making it more personal! Workday’s employee experience tools can support every person on their individual path. Use the latest machine learning to provide relevant insights, recommendations, and assistance along the way.

Talent Management

Workday’s full suite of talent management applications are built on a skills-based foundation. Take a strategic approach to finding, developing, and growing your company’s talent now and into the future. With Workday, you can easily manage talent by focusing on relevant skills — the ones they already have and the ones needed — so you can build a workforce that’s ready to tackle what’s next.

Starting Price
$100 /user/year
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Workday HCM

Submitted on February 9th, 2022 by Kevin McDonald

We found opportunities to link finance and HR better, including improvements in how we use data. We discovered that reporting, analysis, and planning often took a back seat to the time and effort spent chasing and reconciling data.

We were in the middle of multiple mergers and acquisitions at the time. So I was quite worried about the risks and potential problems we would face. But Workday turned out to be one of the smoothest deployments I’ve seen in my career.

Workday brought together our various finance functions and put them on the same platform as our HR processes—a giant leap forward for Scripps. With Workday applications fully integrated and operational, the finance team could start investing more time into developing analytics along with reporting and forecasting dashboards.

On day one, we cut out 32 different system interfaces. This relieved my team of a huge administrative burden and has allowed both finance and the HR systems team to focus on more important company initiatives, of which there are plenty in our mergers and acquisitions environment.

Submitted on February 9th, 2022 by Tiffany Sen

We began with a listening tour, changed our approach, and then rolled out a new mission statement and procurement policy.

We started with a very open mind when approaching the redesign of our procure-to-pay process, focusing on roles, approvals, security, and reporting. Workday was integral to the success of our procurement transformation because, for the first time, we could put controls in place to minimize risk and position procurement at the heart of all sourcing and payment activities.

That first year after we redeployed Workday Spend Management, we saved 220% of our goal and saw a 15% ROI in our projects. We also reduced the procurement process from 29 steps to 5 and spend requisition approvals from 12 days to 2.

Our accounts payable team can focus on value-added tasks like cash management, aging invoices, supplier master records, and diversity certification. Using Workday has highlighted and exposed the strengths of the data in our system and where we need to shore up. Workday applications help us work smarter, not harder.

Since we’ve transformed our processes with Workday, museum leaders now understand that our contributions extend beyond cost cutting and into value creation. We also help all our colleagues with risk mitigation, process efficiency, supplier management, sustainability, and aligned strategy so that we can continue to bring art alive through our galleries, exhibitions, and events by revealing new ideas and unexpected connections.

Submitted on February 9th, 2022 by Steve Gillooly

ecause people’s viewing habits, favorite shows, and preferred channels constantly change, our company is always adjusting and transforming itself. Our internal operations, including HR, can’t get in the way of our storytellers and businesspeople, ever.

Fortunately, we were already using Workday, so transitioning to remote operations was a nonevent for us. However, we wanted to give our people more tools for staying connected regardless of where they were, especially when it came to HR workflows like onboarding and training.

Workday is such an enabler for us. Many executives we hire are familiar with it and many of our employees use Workday without even realizing it, so we wanted to ‘squeeze the lemon’ and get more juice out of it.

The analogy I use is highway construction. Rather than building a 100-lane highway that supports a once-a-year rush to the beach but sits empty the rest of the year, we signed up for Success Plans. That way, we could get the extra lanes when we need them without having to staff up internally or hire a consultant.

The Success Plans Ask-an-Expert consultant not only answered our questions, but he also set up a live remote demo in our tenant and said, ‘Here’s what the tool does. Here’s what it doesn’t do. Here are the problems it solves. Here are some of the problems it doesn’t solve.

We use the Workday Adoption Kit in Success Plans to accelerate employee learning and development. Instead of taking 4 hours to put together materials for people starting new positions, it takes only 30 minutes because a lot of the work is already done for us. This productivity is very visible and it’s helping our HR team, including executives, be more successful.

On one of our first calls, we were talking with a British company in a completely different industry than ours about how they use Workday to capture diversity data. That conversation helped us solve a dilemma we were having with the VIBE dashboard, and it could end up saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

People always have questions. With Success Plans, we get answers from experts who want to make sure we understand our options. So we solve our problems but also learn at the same time. That collaboration is more than a transactional relationship, and it’s something we really love.

Submitted on January 24th, 2019 by Ricky

I have 19 years of experience in the industry and work with a lot of implementations of Workday. I’m very involved in application integrations and a lot of the work I do is with Workday integrations.

Workday was established on a innovative idea to allocate people at the center of enterprise software. Workday HCM was introduced to unite a wide range of HR functionality into a single system. Human Capital Management (HCM) advance towards employees as assets, whose current and future value can be measured and enhanced through investment.

Workday HCM gives you a complete understanding of your workforce. It helps you understand entire people cost include contingent labor. You empower workers and business leaders through self-service. You can easily configure the system of your specific business needs. And you can take action at the point of decision.

It’s an out of box software and you get a lot of functionality. You might not use it all, but you can configure it the way you do business. Your business style may be different and you may hire people differently than other business. Every administrator can configure these minor details.

Submitted on September 6th, 2012 by Chuck Schaeffer

I think it’s important to note that while Workday has one of the most compelling cloud architectures in the HR industry, they aren’t the only ones. What they have done however is gotten in front of their competitors to scale this deployment model and puts them a step ahead of Oracle and SAP.

A big thing Workday has accomplished is finally addressing the major failure areas of legacy systems.

I’ve spent a career dealing with various incarnations of software as a service, it bugs me when companies tout innovation with no customer value. Workday does have a fast update cycle but I wouldn’t call everything they put out as innovation. This isn’t for all industries and a lot of their updates are for maintenance purposes which I see as a downside.