A proposal and RFP software to simplify your process

About RFP360

RFP360 is a proposal and RFP software, is used by leading organizations worldwide to transform theRFP process. This platform allows businesses to save time, improve results, and drive more revenue by privind tools for both request and response management.

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  • RFP development & administration: Manage all RFPs in a template library by simplifying, standardizing and improving every request you create.
  • Workflow & collaboration: Assign tasks, set deadlines, collaborate and communicate with stakeholders, suppliers and scorers in one solution.
  • Evaluation & scoring: Collect, score and compare responses in a single view, driving more informed and objective buying decisions.
  • Dashboards & reporting: Generate reports for insight into past responses and glance at dashboards to see the status of RFPs and tasks.
  • Knowledge management: Centralize your latest and greatest RFP answers in a knowledge library, speeding access to expert responses.
  • Proposal automation: Save time by importing RFPs, using answer intelligence (AI) to suggest responses and exporting proposals.

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User Reviews of RFP360

Submitted on March 12th, 2021 by Ronnie Beckwith from ihouse

RFP360 has elevated our offering to the next level — we know our clients are receiving the absolute best results.

Submitted on March 12th, 2021 by Eric McKinnon from CerpassRx

What would have taken 70 work hours to get an RFP out the door, maybe now is 20 or less with RFP360. That’s freed up our subject matter experts to focus on account management, call center, operations and other tasks, and allowed me to generate new business.