A commodity trading and risk management platform.

About CommodityPro

CommodityPro is an enterprise risk management platform developed by TechnoGen–an IT & software service provider company based in India. The CTRM platform mainly focuses on analysing a wide range of risk factors along with their possible impact on business functions.

TechnoGen is emerging to be a leading provider of commodity trading and risk management software, serving commodity businesses across various areas of trading such as finance & accounting, FX trading, inventory & distribution, trade documentation, farming operations, etc.

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CommodityPro Features

  • End-to-end Trade Risk Management
  • High-tech Integration
  • Affordable and Easy-to-use
  • Customized Analytics Reports
  • Global Presence
  • Complete Scalability

CommodityPro Target Market

  • Small to Medium sized companies
  • Trade desks
  • Trade financial controllers
  • Trade heads
  • C- level execs

CommodityPro Pricing

The cost of CommodityPro starts at $5,000/user/year plus a one-time implementation and training fee. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

User Reviews of CommodityPro

Submitted on March 4th, 2021 by Goutam Sharma from Algante Technologies Limited

CommodityPro changed our view of how to effectively supplement teams to meet project and client demands, offering an innovative range of delivery options and costs.

Not only that, but the level of expertise we gain through the implementation of CommodityPro has exceeded expectations and we view it as our goto CTRM tool using in all our operations. Through CommodityPro, we could meet a team of people with expertise in different areas , who go beyond customer service and take ownership of challenges.

We have been working with the team since 2017 on several projects. The team member’s expertise and professionalism is evident, and we were very pleased with the results. We have already completed several projects using CommodityPro and delighted with the range of offerings. The team has shown enormous skills and vast domain knowledge , which makes CommodityPro reliable and trustworthy. Amit Roy - Financial Controller, Conexus Resources Limited, United Kingdom It has been a wonderful experience with the CommodityPro team on various projects that our company undertook. Throughout our projects we observed a very professional yet very flexible approach to our needs. I was very impressed with their adaptive mindset during the initial phases of changes and feedback as well as throughout the course of development. Not to mention that they have the best response time on resolutions and best parallel run practices that I have ever come across during my career.

They are very approachable in any given situation and their knowledge of diverse geographies enabled us to express ourselves without much effort on the industry specific processes. I would like to work with the team again in the future.

Submitted on March 4th, 2021 by Raj Nagre from Louis Dreyfus Company India Pvt Ltd

CommodityPro is a refreshing interface for a risk management system that improves the users experience to a new level, and in my humble opinion can be considered the standard for the 21st century. It has been valuable for our reporting capabilities. The CommodityPro team has helped tremendously by allowing us to access various business scenarios. Excellent and user friendly inventory management which has been optimised to efficient levels has been instrumental in ability to compete.

Very good platform for sanction search and screening of existing/new counterparties in inbuilt systems connected with the third parties via API interface.

They are also facilitating the strategies related to ERP in terms of business. Further what makes CommodityPro outstanding is its team which has industry & vertical experienced, architect, business analyst, developers, BI analyst.

I appreciate the overall CTRM tool’s flexibility. It enables us to grow with efficiency and we realized to sustain an orderly, profitable growth business needed to build products based on sophisticated forecasting techniques.