Pentana Risk and Audit Solutions (PAWS)

A software system designed by Pentana for accounting/legal/professional companies.

About Pentana Risk and Audit Solutions (PAWS)

Pentana Audit Work System (PAWS)

Pentana’s PAWS software is designed for Risk Managers, Internal Auditors, Compliance and other Assurance professionals. In is an integrated package solution that enables risk profiles to be created and updated by the risk team, the internal audit or other assurance team, and the business community.

PAWS comprises several modules; the main system allows risks and controls to be assessed, assurance work to be planned and carried out, audit reports to be automatically produced and actions to be raised and tracked over a web-based interface. Business users can go on-line to update their actions, add and assess risks and controls, and complete on-line questionnaires. There is an option to interface PAWS with Retain, enabling detailed resource scheduling and time recording and management.

Our clients range from large multi-national companies with 2-300 auditors to small audit functions of 2 or more auditors. We release a major upgrade to the system annually with other enhancements released periodically as required.

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