Automation Anywhere Enterprise

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An enterprise RPA platform

About Automation Anywhere Enterprise

Automation ANywhere Enterprise RPA platform helps businesses automate their front and back office processes. This software contains the most advanced set of RPA tools on the market, complete with cognitive software robots, AI, and powerful built-in analytics. The Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform offers ongoing actualization of advancements in the field of robotic automation.

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  • Robotic process automation: Error-free execution of structured business processes by bots
  • Cognitive automation: Self-improving automation using AI and machine learning for complex data
  • Embedded RPA-analytics: Real-time operational and business intelligence ready to be applied, right away
  • Digital-workforce: Intelligent automation technology at enterprise scale

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Submitted on August 24th, 2020 by Pankajam Sridevi from ANZ Bank

In 3 years we have deployed more than 2,500 robots and continue to deploy 100 new ones every quarter.