An RPA to manage automation lifecycles

About UiPath Automation Hub

UiPath Robotic Process Automation Hub uses data to prioritize your project pipeline. Build custom bots to handle all your repetitive tasks within this hyperautomation platform. Cut down on custom coding development by uploading, curating, and publishing reusable code from a reusable components repository.

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  • Increase your automation program’s ROI by prioritizing automations better
  • Drive automation adoption by empowering anyone organization-wide to submit automation ideas
  • Manage high-scale automation, end to end
  • Ditch your pipeline spreadsheets
  • Build and manage a great pipeline
  • Standardize, share, and reuse components
  • Easily track progress and impact
  • Get a robot to do the work you hate
  • Be rewarded for ideas
  • See the impact of your experience
  • Collaborate and learn

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User Reviews of UiPath Automation Hub

Submitted on August 24th, 2020 by Anssi Talarmo from Elisa

Each business unit measured ROI differently. Thanks to Automation Hub, we receive general guidelines on how this should be done and can compare specific business cases. Now, this process is much more rule-based and efficient.