Centerpoint Connect

A complete front-end software for your roofing business.

About Centerpoint Connect

Centerpoint Connect is a web-based application that is best fit for commercial roofing contractors. The software can be used on any device with internet access, which enables a fully synchronized system. This structure can systematize your sales, production and service department processes, and really help you streamline your business. From the office to the field, Centerpoint delivers a complete front end solution for your roofing company.

The software is robust, flexible, scalable, yet easy to use. While not all roofing contractors are the same, much of the same functions are performed, such as inspections, checking in and out on service calls, or custom reporting.

The platform is a proven system developed from best practices and designed to drive industry success yet flexible enough to easily be utilized for roofing contractors out quoting their next job or finishing up a big production job.

Centerpoint’s fully customizable client portal can be tailored to incorporate your company’s logos, color scheme, email notifications, and more.

Centerpoint Connect Features


Centerpoint is organized from a construction based CRM configured to match the workflow of a roofing business. Organize all of your past, present, and future customers. They help you import all of your existing client data and historical information.


Complete inspections on site or back at the office through an intuitive workflow by roof section. Execute inspections consistently complete with Observations, videos, core cuts, repairs, grading, and recommendations.

Repair Estimates

Generate site bids in minutes that ready a proposal for repairs that not only allow you to sell, but assemble into a scope of work that can be produced. Work order is created with plotted locations, descriptions, and quantities visible to your crew.


Work orders completed are filled out by your service crew in real time capturing all travel, labor, materials, and purchases which builds an invoice on the back end for approval. Send invoices with photo documentation of work performed to billing contacts you have on file.

Quickbooks Integration

Invoices sent from Centerpoint are automatically sent to Quickbooks online or Quickbooks Desktop, streamlining the entire service billing process.

Estimating (coming soon)

Utilize a Google image (free) or an Eagleview image that allows you to draw and measure the roof. These measurements are converted to groups of materials that are applied to your bid. Add a margin, tax, labor, etc and create the proposal through their “Build A Bid” module in minutes.

Client Portal

Easy portfolio review for your customers displaying Inspections, work orders, documents, notes, reports, and budgeting! Custom brand your client portal and create a storefront for your customers to purchase from you and make decisions from the data you collected.

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