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Exactor Suite

A sales tax compliance software system designed by Exactor.
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The Exactor Software Suite is a fully automated, comprehensive, end-to-end sales tax compliance system for sales and use taxes owing in all commercial environments. The cloud-based SaaS services provided by the Exactor Sales Tax Suite cover all elements of compliance: tax determination; full transaction life cycle tracking (including any changes made to a transaction, such as credits, product returns, or sales tax exemption); providing a comprehensive, verifiable, transactional audit trail; managing exemption certificates; preparing and filing tax returns; and transferring tax proceeds to the different tax agencies.

Exactor’s product suite was designed using a modular approach, allowing the merchant to select only those modules it needs to meet its compliance requirements.

Exactor’s proprietary technology enables retailers of any size to fully automate the computation, reporting, and remittance of sales taxes. The modular architecture of Exactor’s product suite allows the user to select only those modules it chooses to incorporate into its sales tax process. As an automated cloud-based SaaS service, installation requires minimal efforts, and virtually no follow-up maintenance. Modules can be added as a company grows or as enhanced services are desired. Exactor’s modules can easily interact with existing systems already in place to augment functionality and fully automate the sales tax compliance process.

Address Verification Services

Address Verification Service (AVS) Module meets rigorous USPS quality requirements by validating, correcting and standardizing address data. Top companies processing millions of addresses use USPS CASS Certified Scrubbing. With our leading technology, sellers can not only rest assured that the sale location is determined accurately, but also that the sale is made to a deliverable address recognized by the US Postal Service, resulting in higher levels of transaction credibility and lower costs associated with “address not found” product returns

Sales Tax Calculation

Exactor Sales Tax Calculation Module will improve accuracy and reliability of your sales tax calculation. This Module is an easy and seamless integration into any business and transaction platform where real time calculation is required making it a popular choice among businesses. Exactor provides the integrations for eCommerce shopping carts (e.g. Commerce Kickstart sales tax solution), accounting programs (e.g. QuickBooks sales tax software), and ERP systems (e.g. NetSuite sales tax module). Exactor’s automated wizards provide seamless integration into numerous systems, and Exactor’s Sales Tax API provides easy integration into even more customized environments.

Sales Tax Exempt Module

The Exactor Sales Tax Exemption Module is designed to automate the process of tracking & managing sales tax exemption certificates, and applying them to a sales transaction without impeding the flow of a transaction. The module enables collecting and uploading a sales tax exemption form in real time, either before or after transaction initiation, and provides for cross-referencing of a sales tax exemption certificate to multiple transactions. A purchaser is no longer required to produce multiple certificates, but instead can upload one certificate and use it across multiple transactions.

Sales Tax Filing

Exactor Sales Tax Filing Module manages the filing process in a fully automated and seamless manner. Exactor sales and use tax software generates the sales tax returns on a periodic basis as required; makes the returns available for approval to assure that business reconcile with business accounts, and, once approved, files the returns on behalf of a merchant.

Sales Tax Transaction Tracking

The Exactor Sales Tax Transaction Tracking Module will identify any and all changes made to a transaction, including the timing of such change, by whom such change was made, and the reason for the change. All this information is then coupled with the original transaction, ensuring a merchant can prepare accurate and reliable sales tax returns – and, as important, avoid expensive and unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance

Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance Module- The Exactor Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance Module is a form of tax imposed at each stage of the sale cycle. It is a mandatory consumption tax, used by most countries, differing from the US Sales tax in the method of calculating and reporting. Exactor VAT Compliance Module provides real time calculation of the global value added tax. Exactor maintains rate accuracy and a merchant does not need to perform any data update maintenance service.

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