A supply chain risk management software from Coupa.

About Coupa Risk Aware

Coupa Risk Aware helps your business monito spend at risk across all suppliers. The supply chain risk management software lets you optimize your supply base via supply disruptors and and suppliers.

Coupa Risk Aware combines financial, judicial, and news sentiment risk scores with community-rated scores from across Coupa’s entire customer base to provide the industry’s only community-based complete assessment.

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Coupa Risk Aware Features

  • Risk ratings
  • Multi-dimensional ratings
  • Spend-at-risk visibility
  • In-flight transaction control

Coupa Risk Aware Benefits

  • Supplier risk scores based on Financial, Judicial, and News Sentiment scores.
  • Community-informed ratings on each eligible supplier.
  • Actionable recommendations such as putting a supplier on hold, viewing alternate suppliers, and contract revision actions.
  • Complete view of all historical and inflight transactions with each supplier.
  • Transaction-level visibility with each supplier, including your transactions and a market-level view for:
    • Disputed invoices
    • Overages
    • Rejected invoices
  • Comparison to similar suppliers offering similar categories of products and services.

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User Reviews of Coupa Risk Aware

Submitted on March 15th, 2020 by Tamara Brown

One of our challenges in Finance is how many employees there are and how far apart they are spread. We needed something easy to use and easy to train.

IT got us to look at Coupa. Coupa is comprehensive and have everything processed into one tool, such as PO processing, requisitions, invoice processing, supplier sourcing, all of our check requests. Coupa has been a big help having control of our business in one place and see it all and manage it all.