A supply chain risk management software.

About Resilinc

Resilinc is a supply chain risk management software that helps you get supplier performance information with less cost and inventory. The Resilinc solutions include EventWatch, RiskShield, Multi-Tier Mapping, and Capability Assessment.

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Resilinc Features

The features of Resilinc are broken down into their individual solutions:


Monitor your supply chain 24/7. Detect events that could impact your supply chain. Predict how an event will affect your suppliers and sites, and secure allocation to regain control.

  • Load sites & points of interest
  • Monitor them 24x7 - Over 40 news types
  • 50+ languages covered
  • Relevant alerts contextualized with natural language processing
  • Powered by AI & to increase accuracy
  • Millions of sources tracked
  • Social media, news, regulatory agencies
  • Event War Room to analyze impact on the go
  • Simple What If Scenario Planner
  • Comprehensive research & expert commentary
  • Up to date guidance as event evolves


Visualize your multi-tier supply chain via dashboards, measure scores for your suppliers to determine risk objectively, and mitigate risk with automated workflows.

  • Monitor your suppliers and sites
  • Configure risk scores - unlimited risk indices
  • Get critical failure points
  • During events, get alerts and war-rooms on mobile
  • Get suppliers’ impact confirmation directly in the app
  • Track mitigation progress and follow up with owners

Multi-Tier Supply Chain Mapping

Visualize your supply chain, view potential failure points nad vulnerabilities, improve supplier performance by quantifying risk, and track supplier workflows centrally.

  • All the features of EventWatch (24x7 Monitoring and Expert Research via Mobile App)
  • All the features of RiskShield (Risk Scoring, Impact Confirmation, Mitigation Playbooks)
  • Access to Resilinc’s Extensive Supplier Intelligence Repository
  • Plug and Play with your suppliers already on Resilinc
  • Multi-tier supply chain mapping using the Survey Assessment module
  • Identify parts impacted during disruptions within minutes
  • Ability to quantify Revenue Impact at a Supplier, Site, Part, Product level
  • Customize your reports and analytics to suit your business needs and workflows
  • Access to Resilinc’s Maturity Model experts to help align people-processes
  • Get benchmarking information on your resiliency practices compared to your industry peers
  • Our partner relations team takes care of survey administration work
  • Dedicated customer success manager to partner with you on your resiliency journey
  • Premium technical support and training services to ensure your team is equipped for success

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User Reviews of Resilinc

Submitted on May 29th, 2020 by Anonymous

Interesting concept but not essential and of little value. Overpriced and poor user experience with slow interface. Does not provide any additional value. Suppliers reluctant to support due to high workload and confidentiality concerns

The Good…

Interesting concept

The Bad…

Slow. Doesn’t provide value. Poor user interface.