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Utility Billing Software

As a utility, your billing needs are unique. You need a software package that will meet these unique needs. Utility billing software will not only meet these unique needs but will automate much of your billing process. From meter reading, to invoice compilation and payment processing, utility billing software will give you everything you need to monitor and manage your entire billing process.

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Gathering Usage Data and Preparing Utility Bills

A common theme across any utility is the need to track usage and bill based for this usage. As a result, in order to bill a customer, usage data must be gathered and translated into a billable amount. This can become a very time consuming task when the steps of gathering data and translating this data into a billable amount must be repeated for each individual customer. The good news though? The repetitive nature of this process though makes it an optimal candidate to be automated through software. The first step involved in billing for most utilities is gathering usage data from meters or some other monitoring device. One option for accomplishing this is having staff manually read each meter and write down the usage. At that point the usage data can be translated into bills for each customer. This labor intensive process can however quickly become a very time consuming and costly method of managing billing. If you’re looking to automate this process there are a number of automatic meter reading (AMR) systems available to you.

Many utility billing systems have integrated automatic meter reading solutions while others will integrate with third-party meter reading systems. Whatever the setup, the end-result is the same. Utility usage information will be gathered efficiently and will be ready for use in the creation of invoices. Since the gathering of usage data is automated, you can ensure that all usage information is 100% accurate. AMR systems will help remove the risk of human error.

Automatic meter reading systems can vary greatly in their methods of tracking and complexity. Some will consist of a fully integrated network that continuously monitors and logs utility usage. This type of AMR system will give you the greatest depth of information and highest level of control. If this level of control is not needed, there are additional options available to you.

Some automatic meter reading systems will use mobile devices that connect to meters to gather usage data. This will allow you to ensure that your data is 100% accurate eliminating any human error. If you are, however, looking to improve the productivity of the meter reading process, a wireless AMR system offers just the solution. Wireless automatic meter reading systems send data to a device within a certain proximity of the meter. This means that staff can just drive down the street while data is gathered automatically.

Once usage information is gathered a utility billing system will automatically create invoices. These systems will give you a number of options for invoice delivery and payment acceptance.

Utility Invoice Creation

Utility billing software will give you a plethora of features all designed to save you time. Batch invoicing will allow you to print or email invoices with one push of a button. This will ensure you don’t have to print/email each invoice individually. Utility billing systems will also allow you to setup different pricing structures for different customer types, so you don’t need to manually adjust billable amounts. If you bill on a subscription or flat-fee basis, recurring invoicing features will automatically create your invoices on a set schedule. All of these features are designed to automate the process of invoice creation and delivery.

After invoices are delivered to the customer a strong utility billing system will manage the process of collecting payments from your customers.

Utility Billing Software for Managing Collections and Customer Payments

Once invoices are issued, utility billing software will give you a number of options for managing collections and receiving payments. Utility billing systems will track outstanding payments due. Additionally, many of them will have the ability to automatically print or email late notices when a customer is past due. These systems will also apply late fees for these customers automatically.

A strong utility billing system will give you the tools needed to manage customers with multiple locations. You will be able to setup multiple locations for a single customer. Their invoices will then detail amounts being charged for each location. This will ensure that one customer is not receiving multiple invoices in a billing period.

A number of utility billing systems will give your customers an online payment portal. This portal will allow your customers to log-on using a password and pay their bills instantly. This level of convenience ensures that payments are received as soon as possible.

Whether you are a small utility with just a few dozen customers or a large utility with thousands of customers, there is a utility billing solution available for you. These systems are designed with your needs in mind and hence will provide the maximum level of automation for you.

Popular Utility Billing Software Products

Looking for great utility billing software options? Below you can check out a list of the products most commonly considered by others searching for utility billing software. The list on this page is based on many years of real software matches. But everyone’s needs are different. Browse for fits with your specific requirements or let us help you identify your top options.

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The companies and representatives you sent our way were prompt and thorough… I definitely would recommend your company as a means to exploring options with qualified providers. — Bruce Conley
Your service saved me some very valuable time and hooked me up with some excellent resources. Thanks for providing this top-notch service. — Linda Vittori
Thanks! Having a service like this to help navigate the ocean of accounting software and help identify potential good-fits without having to delve through numerous bad-fits is of tremendous value! — Mark Carpenter
  • Visual Utility Billing by Diversified Technology Corporation (DTC)

    Visual Utility Billing is a comprehensive billing, customer service and payment processing system for public and private utilities, as well as municipal tax and license offices. Designed to meet the needs of anyone repetitively billing 1,000 to...

  • UtilAbility by Cogitate, Inc.

    UtilAbility is a Windows based utility billing software package. Now it's easy to create timely and accurate bills for water, sewer, electric, gas, trash pickup, user fees, and even cable television. Define your own services and rates...

  • OpenDEM by Amzur Technologies

    Distributed Energy Management System built on Open Standards, Open Source, & Interoperability. DER & Smart Grid standards, Green Button, ASHRAE201 (FSGIM),IEEE2030.5 (SEP2), OpenFMB, SunSpec, OpenADR. Open Standards - Smart Devices, Smart...

  • Utility Billing by Diamond Municipal Solutions

    This module performs the functions of regular utility or service billing and account maintenance. It performs all the required metered billing, flat rate and prorated calculations for water, gas and electrical. The module tracks customer activity,...

  • uVision by AVR, Inc

    AVR’s Utility Billing software – uVision® is flexible, scalable, reliable, easily configurable, and intuitive. The navigation bar allows you to quickly move through accounts and multiple districts so that you can assist your customers immediately....

  • PULSE Utilities by Leahy ERP Solutions

    Inexpensive software utilities for easy import and export between Exact Macola and Excel, and other...

  • Banyon Utility Billing by Banyon Data Systems

    Banyon Utility Billing allows you to bill for unlimited service types: water, sewer, gas, garbage, electric, cable television, phone, re-connect fees, taxes, etc. Create a service and fee for an item you want billed, set the billing schedule, then...

  • Greentree Utility Management by Master Meter Systems (formerly Greentree Applied Systems)

    For the past several years Greentree Applied Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront in developing cost saving and time saving solutions for utility (water, gas and electric) suppliers of all sizes. We have brought our data processing experience of...

  • Waterware by Information Architects - Waterware

    Waterware Utility Billing Software combines powerful features, easy-to-use design, and competative pricing based on your district's size. Waterware's variable rate structure allows for various meter design withing your district. Waterware's...

  • UBS by Innovative Software Services, Inc

    Billing and Rates UBS allows flexible and simple entry of all meter readings, including electronic meter download. An unlimited number of rates are available with flexible setup allowing for a tiered system. Information...

  • M+3.0 by El Dorado SoftWorld

    Some of the powerful tools this newest version includes ... Instant access to Unlimited Usage, Payment, Adjustment, Billing, Late fee, Transaction, User, Special Charges, and Service Order histories for any Date, Month, Quarter, Company, Customer,...

  • EnergyCAP by EnergyCAP, Inc

    Powerful Energy Management Software For Large Organizations Large corporations, universities, and city, county, and state governments that process hundreds or thousands of utility bills per month need an enterprise-class system with...

  • AaaTeX Meter Billing by AaaTeX

    AaaTeX Meter Billing is a QuickBooks add-on product that gives you great flexibility in your invoicing and billing processes. This product will use imported data from Excel Spreadsheets, .csv files, or .txt files to generate invoices based on...

  • CIS Infinity by Advanced Utility Systems

    Advanced Utility Systems Corporation produces a flagship customer information and utility billing solution called “CIS Infinity”. CIS Infinity® combines comprehensive functionality, a reliable technology base, and an...

  • Utilities Software by Bellamy Software

    Full-featured utility billing, accounting and customer service software is necessary to provide utility services in todays complex environment. Utility Deregulation in Canada has ironically created a minefield of regulatory processes and...

  • Black Mountain Software Utility Billing by Black Mountain Software

    Our Utility Billing software brings the highest level of automation to utilities your organization manages. Any Governmental entity that manages enterprise funds will benefit from its use. ## Cash Receipting Cash Receipting is a centralized...

  • CORE Utility Billing Software by CORE Utilities

    CORE Utilities was founded specifically to serve the needs of small to midsize water and wastewater utilities with 30,000 connections or less. CORE Utilities is founded on powerful database software that is easy to use, powerful, and priced for...

  • El Dorado Utility Billing by Creative Technologies

    El Dorado Software is a full-featured flexible solution that provides a broad based accurate billing and service order ticketing system. The software suite is available in 4 versions to meet your business needs. Our pay-as-you-grow model allows our...

  • Billmaster by Data West Corporation

    ## Utility Billing With Your Rates, Your Calculations Custom rates, seasonal rates, variable tax charges, pro-ration formulas – no matter how complex your billing rate structure is, BillMaster can handle it! ## E-Bill & E-Pay Options Email...

  • Utility Billing by V.M.S.C.

    UTILITY BILLING Accounting and Business Software UTILITY BILLING best suited for: Utility companies that need a Windows-based, enterprise-wide accounting software solution and advanced reporting capabilities and eBusiness solutions....

  • Utility Billing Systems by RVS Software

    The RVS Utility Billing System is a collection of programs and tools designed to aid the bookkeepers, operators, managers and auditors of small municipalities and utilities. Over 2000 small cities and water utility companies across the nation rely...

  • Logos.NET Utility Management by New World Systems

    Logos.NET Utility Management is designed to aid in the challenges of providing water, sewer, refuse, electric, gas or other related services to your community. This product is fully customizable to the specific needs of your utilities organization....

  • Utilit‑e Central by Professional Computer Systems

    Utilit-e Central is an Application Service Provider (ASP). An ASP will provide an application from a remote server and distribute said application, over a high-speed Internet connection, to your utility's desktop. This ASP delivers a full featured...

  • SafeChoice Utility‑Billing by SafeChoice

    From meter reading -> to invoicing -> to collection (manual and / or ACH) - All in one entry! Here are a number of features you'll find in the SafeChoice Utility-Billing system. Multiple Applications -Handles billing processes for...

  • Utility View by Caselle

    Finally, Utility Management software that creates peace of mind. No one knows utility management needs like Caselle. With 45 years of experience working with utilities, you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group of individuals...

  • UMS2000 by Computer Network

    UMS2000 is a Windows based Utility Management System with integrated line, tap, and meter information. User definable drop-down list boxes ease data entry and control responses. With a complete audit-trail, comprehensive rate analysis and...

  • Utility Billing Software by MuniBilling

    Does your municipality, property management company or HOA bill for water, sewer, trash, electricity, or other services? Are you using a bookkeeping program or contact management program to try to bill your utilities, but find you have to cobble...

  • EIS by Advanced Utility Systems

    Developed with managers for managers, the Executive Information System is designed to allow senior management across an organization to access key information in real time. With EIS, decision makers can start with a high levels view of such...

  • Utilit‑e Connect by Professional Computer Systems

    Utilit-e Connect is a customer information system and billing application that is capable of accommodating both large and small utilities. Connect has the strength, flexibility and scalability to go beyond simply meeting the needs of today's...

  • Utilit‑e Insight by Professional Computer Systems

    Utilit-e Insight is an accounting and financial information management system, designed specifically for the utility industry. Utilit-e Insight brings a new dimension to fund accounting and activity based cost accounting where transactions are...

  • Clarity Suite by Caselle

    Introducing Caselle Clarity Suite. It’s the next generation of financial software for local government and districts. And it’s easier to use than ever before. More features, more flexibility, more control. From a truly easy-to-use interface...

  • Utilit‑e Online by Professional Computer Systems

    As a Utility provider, the Internet offers you many cost and time saving features to help you better run your organization. With Utilit-e Online you can give your customers the option of paying their bills in a fast, convenient, and secure virtual...

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