AaaTeX Meter Billing

An accounts receivable application designed by AaaTeX for utilities companies.

About AaaTeX Meter Billing

AaaTeX Meter Billing is a QuickBooks add-on product that gives you great flexibility in your invoicing and billing processes. This product will use imported data from Excel Spreadsheets, .csv files, or .txt files to generate invoices based on metered products.

AaaTeX Meter Billing will give you the ability to bill based on meter readings, using your current QuickBooks system. Readings, used to generate invoices, can be captured via the meter’s probe, a PDA, or virtually any other device you desire. The system will automatically calculate the difference in the current meter reading against the previous. All previous meter readings are stored within QuickBooks, for easy access and retrieval. You are also given the ability to setup multiple usage and fixed price items; as well as setup different items and classes based on customer type. After data is collected and automatically processed; invoices can be easily created within QuickBooks. This fast, easy, and accurate invoicing solution will save you time and money.

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