A full ERP system designed by Banyon Data Systems for government & public administration and utilities companies.

About Banyon Utility Billing

Banyon Utility Billing allows you to bill for unlimited service types: water, sewer, gas, garbage, electric, cable television, phone, re-connect fees, taxes, etc. Create a service and fee for an item you want billed, set the billing schedule, then attach to a customer record, itýs that easy. Furthermore, the state of art design allows you to easily lookup inquiries regarding bills and history.

Certfication to Taxes

Certify unpaid balances to taxes via electronic file.

Deposit Slip Printing

With this module, you will no longer have to manually write out a deposit slip. This will print one directly from the receipt batch.

Direct Payment

Creates ACH transfer file to receive money from customer bank accounts. Receipt batch is automatically created for those ACH customers.

Disconnect Notice

Laser form used to let people know they will no longer have service unless the bill is paid by such date.

Email Billing

Online bill presentment for customers. We use Payment Service Network (PSN). Customers can recur pay via e-check, bank ach, or credit card.

Hydrant Module

Store location of fire hydrants and track test results.

Meter Device Interface

Download meter readings into WinUB from handheld or radio devices like: Sensus, Schlumberger, Badger, Itron, and others.

Outsource Print File

Software will generate a print file if bill printing is outsourced.

Receipt Barcode Scanning

Prints receipt bar code on customer bill to scan when payment is sent in.

Receivable Transfer

Transfer bill calculation over to WinFund as accounts receivable batch.

Tier Reporting

Do rate studies and what if scenarios for setting new rates.

Web Payment

Customer can lookup balances due online and pay by credit card via RevTrak, InterceptEFT, or PSN.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Banyon Utility Billing

Submitted on October 30th, 2017 by Anonymous

We are currently implementing the software now.

The Good…

Price, user friendly, positive response as well as good customer service.

The Bad…

We have nothing negative to say as we don’t have it up and running yet.

Submitted on October 9th, 2017 by Anonymous

Easy to use, flexible billing options

The Good…

Fast, responsive support

The Bad…