Utility View

A multi-module management system designed by Caselle for utilities companies.

About Utility View

Finally, Utility Management software that creates peace of mind.

No one knows utility management needs like Caselle. With 45 years of experience working with utilities, you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated group of individuals working together to create software for the real world.

The Caselle Utility View includes a collection of software that enhances and streamlines your utility billing processes.

Comprehensive Utility Management is the key. In the main Utility Management program you will find user-defined fields allow for flexibility in the information collected and stored. You will also find that our standard and customizable reports give you a wide variety of reportable data to balance and pass on to other departments. Billing options include the ability to prorate services, consolidate billings, and use various methods to estimate unread accounts. You will also have the ability to share data with the General Ledger and Cash Receipting.

To increase the productivity of your various processes, the additional modules will become an essential addition to your utility program. The Direct Pay module interfaces directly with Utility Billing to create an ACH file to send to your bank for direct withdrawals. Electronic Read will interface between your electronic meter reading equipment and Utility Billing to automate your meter reading process. Tax Certification helps you to collect from the customers with services that cannot be disconnected by creating a delinquent account list for a county. Water Conservation will help with the calculation and billing of water based on a water budget or allowance. The Service Orders module is a flexible tracking system of the service orders that will increase the efficiency and productivity between departments.

Reach the level of accuracy and productivity you are seeking by giving yourself the tools that you need to effectively complete your utility management processes.

Service Orders

The Caselle Service Orders program is a highly flexible issuing and tracking system, that gives each department the functionality needed to increase efficiency and productivity. With user defined screens and service order forms, it is capable of meeting specific department requirements. You can group the creation, authorization, assignment, review, and completion processes together or separately.

Software Features

  • Tight integration with Clarity Utility Management
  • Use the same entry screen to complete all service order types
  • Customer Service Order Forms
  • User-Defined Action Codes
  • User-Defined Entry Screens
  • Service Order Status Reports
  • Real-time Interface with Utility Billing
  • Create Batch Orders from Utility Billing for Shutoff Notices.

Interfaces With

  • Utility Management

Utility Direct Pay

The Caselle Utility Direct Pay module automatically withdraws enrolled customer utility bill amounts from the customer’s bank account. It creates an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) file that your bank will use to collect amounts from your customers’ bank accounts.

Software Features

  • Multiple accounts for individual customers
  • Account type flags for checking/savings
  • Bank header screen for bank’s requested file layout (easy setup)
  • Confirmation report for file detail
  • Prenotification for initial test

Utility Bills

  • Option to include unique message for Direct Pay participants.
  • Run Direct Pay participants and non-participants together or separately.

Withdrawal Amounts

  • Percentage
  • Fixed Amount
  • Combination

Interfaces With

  • Utility Management

Utility Electronic Meter Read

The Caselle Utility Electronic Read module allows your electronic meter reading equipment to interface to Caselle Utility Billing. This module saves valuable time and expense by automating metered entry, high/low usage checks, and meter read resequencing.

Software Features

  • Create Reading File with defaults
  • Import Reading File with defaults
  • Custom programming is available
  • Easy file layout editing
  • Imported file reports
  • Auto-resequence by time read
  • Default high/low limits with manual override

Order By

  • Customer No.
  • Meter Read Route/Sequence

Filter By

  • Customer No.
  • Read Route/Sequence
  • Billing Cycle
  • Group
  • Customer Type

Choose to Include

  • Disconnected Customers
  • Terminated Customers

Interfaces With

  • Badger
  • Boson
  • Datamatic
  • Greentree
  • Hersey
  • Itron
  • Logicon
  • Neptune
  • Radix
  • Sensus
  • Turtleware

Interfaces With

  • Utility Management

Utility Management

The Caselle Utility Management program is accurate, flexible, and easy to use. It is structured to bill metered and non-metered utilities to meet your needs. Create bills and report the information to the necessary departments with ease.

Software Features

Customer Solutions

  • Existing customer records can be viewed and modified
  • Images and documents can be attached to records
  • Contract payments
  • Credit history
  • Security deposit tracking – automatically apply deposits/interest
  • Landlord tracking
  • Alternate mailing address

Billing Solutions

  • Multiple billing records – seasonal rates, multiple garbage rates, etc.
  • User-defined services and tiered rates
  • Consolidated billing
  • Final bills – transfer balances, deposits, direct pay, and customer information to a different account
  • Calculate penalty billings
  • Billing transactions with user-defined transaction dates
  • Automatic billings
  • Credit calculation averages
  • Calculate averages
  • Equal pay

Meter Solutions

  • Multiple meters
  • Prior readings/usages – can be corrected and the system will make adjustments
  • User-defined usage checks

Report Solutions

  • Paper/Electronic Checklist
  • Customer HIstory
  • Billing and Meter Exception report
  • Delinquent and Shutoff Notices
  • Custom and Comprehensive Reporting
  • Option to reprint any report for any period

Optional Add-on Modules

  • Utility Electronic Reading Interface
  • Utility Direct Pay
  • Utility Service Orders
  • Utility Tax Certification

Interfaces With

  • Cash Receipting
  • Check on Demand
  • General Ledger
  • Service Orders
  • Utility Direct Pay
  • Utility Electronic Read
  • Utility Tax Certification
  • Water Conservation

Utility Tax Certification

The Caselle Utility Tax Certification module helps you collect payments from municipality and special service districts when the customer cannot be disconnected to force payment. This module adds extra functionality to Caselle Utility Management to allow you to export and print a list of delinquent accounts for a county.

Software Features

  • Flexible Export/Report Routine
  • Import Payment Routine

Export File Includes

  • Account No.
  • Name
  • Service Address
  • Parcel ID
  • Delinquent Amount
  • Fees
  • Total Due


  • Certification Notice
  • Transaction Register

Interfaces With

  • General Ledger
  • Utility Management

Utility Water Conservation

The Caselle Water Conservation module, used in conjunction with Caselle Utility Management, facilitates the calculation and billing of water based on a water budget or allowance and ascending rate block structure.

Customers are allowed a specific quantity of water based on the following factors:

  • Interior Allocation or Budget.
  • Exterior Allocation or Budget.

Bill based on the various levels of efficiency defined by the water provider within the ascending rate block structure.

Software Features

  • Create up to twenty different user-defined levels with associated titles and percentages.
  • Store information required for Plant Water Need, Irrigation Efficiency, Interior Daily
  • Average Usage, and Conversion Factor fields, such as, acre-inches to gallons, acre-inches to cubic feet, square foot-inches to gallons, or square foot-inches to cubic feet.
  • Allows property to be assigned to a specific district if the city is recording Evapotranspiration (ET) rates for multiple districts or areas.
  • May use an override value instead of the calculated water allowance.
  • Allows temperature/ET entry.

Interfaces With

  • Utility Management

Product Overview

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