Harmony MDM Enterprise

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A software system designed by Master Meter (formerly Greentree Applied Systems) for utilities companies.

About Harmony MDM Enterprise

Harmony MDM Enterprise is an enterprise-level Meter Data Management Software tool that empowers both the utility to manage their water meter assets, analyze water system consumption demand, and when paired with the Water Advisor portal, enable the consumer to take charge of their conservation efforts.

Formerly Greentree Utility Management from Greentree Applied Systems, Harmony is compatible with nearly every advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network on the market today and can complement other software systems you may currently be using.

Leveraging the Microsoft® Azure" cloud, Harmony allows you to manage, report, and analyze data from AMI and mobile data acquisition systems. Harmony is compatible with every billing system on the market and is designed to provide analytics and add value to most Customer Information Systems (CIS), Asset Management, and GIS Software used by todays water utilities.

For the past few years Master Meter has been developing cost saving and time saving solutions for utility (water, gas and electric) suppliers of all sizes.

Utility Management Product Line Highlights

  • Utility Management System for Windows (UMS-Win)
  • Greentree Accounting Software for Windows (GL, AP, PR)
  • UMS Cash Receipts for Windows (UMS-Cash)
  • UMS Inventory & Purchase Order for Windows (UMS-Parts)
  • Route Management Software for Windows (RMS-Win)
  • Hand held meter reading systems from Logicon or Psion
  • Touch read systems
  • New low cost radio read systems from Ramar
  • Drive-by radio read systems (mobile notebook computer based)
  • Master Meter water meters - full product line of water meters
  • Turnkey systems
  • World class customer support

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Harmony MDM Enterprise

Submitted on November 4th, 2015 by Krista

The software is too limited or cannot be customized very easily.
The pages (applications) are not consistent…to leave one page you exit, another you quit, another is escape.
You get what they have, you can not customize and save a report for future use. Usually, to get useful data, we have to pull and print multiple reports and spend a lot of time to combine data. Codes for items are limited in quantity!

The Good…

The data seems to be “solid” - I feel confident that the numbers on bills are accurate, including dollars and units (gallons in our case). Posting and editing are very easy.

The Bad…

The lack of customizing ability!