Utility Billing

A business management software designed by VMSC Corporation

About Utility Billing

UTILITY BILLING Accounting and Business Software

UTILITY BILLING best suited for:

Utility companies that need a Windows-based, enterprise-wide accounting software solution and advanced reporting capabilities and eBusiness solutions.

Benefits & Features:

  • Ability to bill based on meter readings or flat-fee based charges
  • Ability to provide multiple services to customers
  • Ability to have multiple billing rates for different services
  • Ability to multiple taxing authorities (or none) for every individual service
  • Ability to set up ýBudget Plansý for any customer, based on past usage, then bill the budget plans and track actual usage, and report Budget Vs. Actual amounts.
  • Capability to have ýMulti-Unitý buildings, either Residential or Commercial - with separate customers in each ýUnitý
  • Capability to have a single customer to be responsible for bills in many Buildings/Units.
  • Ability to have customers ýMove-iný and ýmove outý in the middle of a billing cycle and receive individual bills for their portion of usage for the month.
  • Ability to have multiple billing formats based on customer Types. Ability to have late charges billed to customers not paying their bills on time.
  • Ability to reprint bills and generate consumption reports from historical data
  • Interfaced to the award-winning TRAVERSE Accounting Software
  • Drill down capabilities ý down to original source document
  • Excel-based financial reporting and custom reports
  • Exporting and Graphing capabilities

UTILITY BILLING accounting software is the business management backbone for many small, growing and mid-market Utility companies.

UTILITY BILLING Provides These Key Advantages

  • Value–The Utility Billing system provides all of the features that are required by any utility company.
  • Scalability–VMSC can deliver a billing solution to meet the needs of your growing Utility company. The Utility Billing add-on application has a vast array of features–a smaller company may not need all these features, but the features are there for future use as the company grows.
  • Proven Microsoft Technology–The Utility Billing System was designed 100% using proven Microsoft technology, including seamless integration with Microsoft Office and BackOffice products. Multiple billing formats are made available using Microsoft Word templates and Mail-Merge.
  • Internet Integration–The Utility Billing System has an eBusiness module (currently in development) that will allow easy integration with the back office operations and online strategy.
  • Open Source Code–The Utility Billing System includes source code at no additional cost. This enables clients to customize the software to their individual, unique needs and changing market, and to the industry conditions.

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