An RF solution developed by RF-Smart.


RF-Smart helps you improve accuracy, productivity and operational efficiency in the warehouse and on the shop-floor with barcoding, RFID and Warehouse Intelligence. They offer automated data collection (ADC) solutions for the following ERP systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • JD Edwards World
  • NetSuite

Manufacturing Data Collection

With RF-Smart, you can reduce your labor costs for shop floor employees. RF-SMART leverages the technology of Automated Data Collection (ADC) to track everything in your warehouse, from inventory to employees. With RF-SMART, you can clock labor hours – down to the second – and eliminate the time and money spent entering this daily. Reduce Labor Costs with RF-SMART!

RF-SMART streamlines this process and increases productivity. By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into your ERP system–and by directing employees where and how to perform their tasks–RF-SMART enables companies to accurately accomplish significantly more with fewer resources. Improve Accuracy & Save Time with RF-SMART!

Warehouse and Logistics Data Collection

With RF-SMART, ensure accurate operations by automating the process from the start. Studies show the top place errors are made is from the receiving dock to the product’s location. Beat this statistic with real-time validation into your ERP using RF-SMART. Every step – from receiving, to picking to shipping – is captured and confirmed as soon as it happens. Increase ROI & Customer Satisfaction - At the Same Time!

RF-SMART changes the very nature of how customers do counting. By using ADC technology, you track when and where inventory is put into a location, and then again every time it gets moved. When it comes time to count, you can enter the updated on-hand quantity in real time. For many, RF-SMART eliminates the need for annual physical counts because their inventory is 99.9% accurate - on a daily basis. Reduce Labor Costs with RF-SMART!

Retail Inventory Management

Ever struggle to answer “Do you have this in another size or color?” RF-SMART provides the ability to verify inventory stock - at the customers side. We enable associates to quickly provide excellent customer service from the sales floor by communicating product information, pricing, styles and availability to the customer. Increase Customer Satisfaction with RF-SMART!

RF-SMART extends inventory management functionality to employees who handle inventory – unplugging them from inconvenient terminals and eliminating the inaccuracies of paper. Leveraging the technology of Automated Data Collection to track everything that comes in and out of your store, RF-SMART allows you to accurately receive, transfer, count, pick and return inventory on the sales floor–all while updating your ERP in real time. Improve Accuracy & Free Up Your Workers!

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