The worlds most intelligent desktop integration platform.

About Glue42

Glue42 enables organizations to build intelligent desktops that support configurable workflows between web and desktop applications. Its integration platform seamlessly and securely orchestrates UI and data and leverages opensource initiatives such as FINOS FDC3 to reduce application delivery times and accelerate time to value. They’re working with some of the world’s biggest financial organizations to help them optimize complex processes and become more efficient. There are three products in the Glue42 family – Glue42 Enterprise (desktop application integration platform), Glue42 Insights (user behavior analytics), and Glue42 Core (web application integration platform).

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Glue42 Features

  • Data Integration
  • UI Integration
  • Application Connectors
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Advanced Window Management
  • Global Search
  • Global Notifications

Glue42 Target Market

Clients are Tier 1 International Banks, Hedge Funds, Trading Companies, Wealth and Asset Management Organizations. IT teams in these organizations work with the software to crate custom user experiences and build their own desktop integration platforms.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Glue42

Submitted on April 14th, 2021 by Will Winzor-Saile from Redburn

What we do well is execute orders intelligently on behalf of clients. To stay ahead of the curve, technology is a very important part of that and we want to partner with companies that offer best-in-class technology. The feedback following on from the PoC has been remarkable. We now have access to information that clients have been requesting for years but was harder to discover. With Glue42 Enterprise everything just connects and synchronizes.

Submitted on April 14th, 2021 by a Glue42 user from J.P. Morgan

The rationale was to migrate from inflexible and complex monolithic legacy systems to a simple and flexible model that utilizes interoperable micro-applications and is implementation technology agnostic. This creates a ‘connect to anything’ platform with user-customisable apps that significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both end-users and developers.