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A software system designed by Patriot Software.

About Patriot Software

Patriot Software is an online accounting and payroll software solution for small businesses. The solution allows businesses to track money and pay employees with ease.

  • The online accounting is designed to be used by the non-accountant. The package lets you easily pay vendors, handle invoicing, record payments, and track cash bank deposits and withdrawls.
  • The online payroll capability allows for basic payroll handling, or gives the option for payroll services that will cover all aspects of filing and depositing taxes.

The solution is 100% online and will work on any device with an internet connection.

Video Overview

Online Accounting

Patriot Software offers both a 1099 software and an accounting software. Both are designed for use by a small business owner who does not have an accounting background but wants to keep their business on track.

The 1099 software handles payments to contractors and vendors. It includes:

  • Free Support
  • Unlimited payments to vendors
  • Create & print unlimited 1099 and 1096's
  • Vendor and 1099 Reports

The accounting software includes all the above features plus:

  • Track Your Expenses, Income, & Money
  • Create Invoices
  • Record Payments
  • Track Unpaid Invoices
  • Track Bank Deposits & Withdrawals

Online Payroll

Patriot Software offers a basic payroll and a full service payroll solution and services.

The basic payroll solution lets you run your own payroll and handle the payroll taxes yourself. It includes features such as:

  • Print checks or use direct deposit
  • Run unlimited payrolls
  • Flexible pay schedules
  • Printable W-2s

The full service payroll solutions lets you run your own payroll and have Patriot Software handle your payroll taxes. It includes all of the features of the basic payroll solution, as well as services provided to you from Patriot Software. This includes filing of W-2s and W-3s as well as the file and deposit of local, state, and federal taxes.

Available Add-Ons

Patriot Software payroll has add-ons available for Time & Attendance tracking and an HR functionality.


  • Subscription-based
  • Online accounting starts at $7.50/month
  • Online payroll starts at $10/month plus $4/month per employee.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Patriot Software

Submitted on September 2nd, 2016 by a Patriot Software user from DeepTalent

Patriot is an easy to use program that costs only $10/month and starts at $2/employee but decreases as you add more. They provide an automated report you can use for payroll taxes, or you can get the full service payroll which does this for you which costs $25/month.

Both options provide an employee portal where people can update their information and view payroll history. For $5/month more you can get a time and attendance system to track employee hours.