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About SpaceRunner

SpaceRunner allows you to map, monitor and manage every physical space in your organization, and everything in them, with one platform.

Benefits of SpaceRunner:

  • Gives you a modern & complete space management platform.
  • Eliminates the need for spreadsheets, paper floorplans, and manual processes.
  • Replaces legacy approaches with digital floorplans.
  • Bundles your core asset and data management functions into a unified feature set.

Video Overview

Deploy SpaceRunner for your space management needs and you will:

  • Save Time: Stop hacking together complicated workarounds, and gain every space management tool you need in one platform.
  • Lower Costs: Utilize your spaces more efficiently, prevent expensive mistakes, and avoid over-purchasing of assets.
  • Reduce Risks: Automate data collection, sync space management workspaces, and easily spot problems before they occur.
  • Gain Visibility: Develop an at-a-glance picture of every space in your organization and use assessment.
  • Standardize Operations: Create processes and governance that cross locations, projects, and departments to break silos.
  • Think Strategically: Streamline your mundane space management tasks, and refocus on the deeper questions of how to best utilize your spaces.

With your Digital Floor Plans, you will:

  • Visualize every physical space in your organization.
  • Modify your spaces through a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Draw boundaries to define buildings, floors, departments, and rooms.
  • Plot assets directly on your Digital Floor Plans themselves.
  • Access all asset details, documents, and data from your Digital Floor Plans.
  • Share and sync Digital Floor Plans in real-time across your entire organization.
  • Perform all space management from the Digital Floor Plans themselves.

SpaceRunner Features

  • Creating a Digital Twin - Create an exact digital replica of every space in your organization, and everything in those spaces, down to the most granular detail.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interfaces - Create, segment, and populate every space in your organization through a simple, intuitive, tactile interface designed for non-technical users.
  • BIM/Revit Integrations - Create Digital Floor Plans from your existing CAD drawings, and sync markups & changes in real-time between Revit & SpaceRunner.
  • IoT integrations - Create a smart operational network that directly connects RTLS, RFID, Occupancy Sensors, Bluetooth beacons, and more to SpaceRunner.
  • Cloud-Based Collaboration - Create a shared “home” for all of your space management activities; where everyone works from the same plans that sync changes in real-time.
  • Boundaries - Create boundaries on your Digital Floor Plans to define & segment individual buildings, Floors, departments, and rooms.
  • Automated Workflows - Create standardized, executable processes and governance across locations, projects, and departments to break silos and build alignment.
  • Predictive Maintenance - Collect and store asset integrity data in each of your Smart Icons, and trigger notifications and workflows when one needs attention.
  • Open APIs - Create connections between SpaceRunner and all of your existing partners, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, and applications.
  • Security & Entitlements - Create granular, sophisticated user account hierarchies and carefully control which user accounts can access which datasets & Plans.

SpaceRunner Target Market

SpaceRunner is an intuitive, adaptable, extensible platform that can mold itself to fit hand-in-glove with the widest possible range of space management contexts. It is designed to work fluidly for:

  • Any User - examples included but are not limited to: Project, Construction, Facility, and HR Managers; Field Operators, Department Heads, Executive Leadership, Maintenance Staff.
  • Any Space - Corporate Campuses, Office & Break Rooms, Construction Sites, Warehouses, HVAC Systems, Retail Stores, Retail Video Marketing Screens, Airplane Interiors.
  • Any Industry - Retail, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Commercial, Real Estate, Medical, Aviation, Education, Government, Non-Profit.
  • Any Space Management Project - Greenfield Construction, VoIP Migration, Medical Gas Planning, Occupancy/Vacancy Planning, Warehouse Management, Space Utilization Reporting, Compliance Achievement, Stocking Aircraft

SpaceRunner Pricing

The cost of SpaceRunner starts at $50/user/month for their SaaS subscription with no API integrations. The Enterprise version (API integrations plus expanded functionality) starts at $75/user/month with discounts for annual pay ($300/month minimum charge). There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

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