A real-time tracking software for tracking returnable containers, medical equipment, and chemical/plastic containers.

Product Overview

TrackAbout is a leading provider of tracking software for returnable containers that helps businesses maximize returnable container utilization. A key feature of TrackAbout is its ability to provide detailed historical data on asset movement, enhancing transparency and accountability in asset management. It also has real-time tracking capabilities, enabling users to track their assets anytime, anywhere with an internet or cellular connection.

TrackAbout makes it possible to manage equipment delivery, rental, and maintenance to offer reliable customer service, support patient care plans, determine overstocked locations, find underutilized assets and more.


  • Offers real-time cloud-based tracking
  • Users can add comments to attach to assets
  • Can create custom reports


  • Pricing details unavailable from the developer
  • Some mobile app crashes require device rebotts to work again

Target Market

Industries like healthcare, chemicals, logistics, and supply chains, particularly those requiring reliable tracking of returnable containers and other physical assets.

About TrackAbout

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TrackAbout Features

The features of TrackAbout include:


  • Gain real-time visibility into your medical equipment internally and at patients’ locations
  • Provide a proof of delivery for CMS reimbursement with electronic signature capture
  • Increase customer satisfaction with billing accuracy
  • Find under-utilized equipment and overstocked locations
  • Electronically track medical batch and lot numbers
  • Charge customers for damage to equipment
  • Reduce paperwork and progress your digital transformation

Maintenance & Dynamic Workflows

  • Record maintenance activities and customize mobile screens for company-specific processes
  • Automate employee workflow tasks to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and accreditation standards, as well as patients’ plan of care

Rental Calculation

  • Keep accurate end-user balances and calculate billing statements
  • Increase rental revenue


  • Optimize handling and distribution by grouping equipment on pallets
  • Scan pallet barcodes once rather than scanning individual equipment

Truck Reconciliation & Manifest

  • Track truck inventories and reconcile deliveries
  • Create government-required truck manifests

Delivery with Integrated Order Sync

  • Eliminate paperwork for work orders and driver instructions

Customer Tracking Portal

  • Provide end-users with controlled access to tracking information

TrackAbout Target Market

TrackAbout specializes in tracking containers that have a circular lifecycle: they are delivered to a customer, returned, and prepared to be used again before being delivered to the next customer. For businesses of all sizes managing these assets, TrackAbout helps increase efficiency, accuracy, visibility, validation and accountability.


  • Medical Equipment
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Chemical Containers
  • Returnable Plastic Containers
  • Other Returnable Containers such as beer kegs, roll-off containers, portable toilets, automotive part containers, and more.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of TrackAbout

Submitted on January 14th, 2022 by Anonymous

We are presently tracking over 11,000 pieces of equipment with TrackAbout, including oxygen cylinders and accessories, CPAP machines, CPM units, nebulizers, battery packs, wheelchairs and many other items. The system is very easy to use, cost effective and we have complete confidence in the data provided. The TrackAbout support team is extremely responsive and helpful. Deciding to use TrackAbout’s asset tracking system was one of the best decisions we ever made.