Asset & Facility Management

An RFID-enabled asset and facility management application.

About Asset & Facility Management

Regardless of the type of business, safety, security, and protection are important concerns of every employer. Safety and security for their employees, residents, and/or visitors are always first and foremost. TransitionWorks equips businesses with solutions to:

Know Who Enters Your Gated Parking Lot/community

  • Automates vehicle gate entry, including restricted access gates
  • Integrates with video surveillance and back office systems
  • Self registration portal
  • Create specific entrance schedules based on type of visitor

Identify Who’s Still in the Building During an Emergency

  • Automatically tracks employees, visitors, contractors
  • Graphical mapping using your floor plan
  • Email notifications of any unaccounted persons sent to designee
  • Infrastructure to build upon by integrating Time and Attendance and/or Asset Tracking

Track Assets

  • Equipment, machinery, supplies, property, personnel
  • Locate, assign, monitor, check in/out, improve use and maintenance
  • Various packages available to meet your needs

In addition to the solutions above, TransitionWorks provides State and Local Correctional facilities with additional solutions to automate their daily operations. Monitoring an offender’s behavior, posting a guard’s location, documenting daily activities, logging an inmate’s personal property or evidence for storage are all variations of data collection, which we have been automating in many leading companies for more than a decade.

Asset Tracking

There is a wide range of equipment involved in state and local government operations and tracking that equipment can be a challenge. Imagine if that challenge could be met with a software package that allows you to track any piece of equipment that can be tagged with an RFID and/or barcode label. With Asset-Trak, managing your equipment and supplies becomes an automated process that will ultimately save you time and money. Asset-Trak simplies the process required to enter, capture, and cleanse data at the point of business activity, updating all pertinent systems in real-time where necessary.

Asset Visibility helps organizations locate, track, monitor and improve the use and maintenance of its assets. Our software solution captures the tag data from radio frequency identification tags (RFID) or bar codes, consolidates that information into easy-to-view reports and provides a variety of alerts to other systems, as well as personnel via email or text messages. The application provides customers the flexibility to use the appropriate technology or combinations of technology such as RFID (active and passive) and barcodes to best meet your requirement at the lowest cost. TransitionWorks offers several different asset tracking software packages depending on the tracking capabilities and the type of functions required

Correctional Facility

Correctional facilities are obligated to comply with governing guidelines. Compli-Trak monitors activities, including inmate’s daily exercise, guard’s daily rounds, suicide checks, medication dispensing, transfers, head counts, safety equipment audits, etc yielding precise record management. TransitionWorks Software’s Compli-Trak provides an audit trail of inmate activity, automated documentation of security checks and other daily inmate occurrences. This automatically collected data is transformed into usable, real-time information, which greatly reduces time consuming manual data entry, costly lawsuits, and non-compliance fines. Compli-Trak is compatible with current jail, record or other inmate management systems.

It starts in booking where new arrivals are processed. They are issued armbands or ID Cards fitted with their photo, a barcode and/or RFID tag containing the pertinent inmate information. That information may include cell assignment, medical prescriptions, recreational activity time allotment, and/or personal property collected. An inmate’s risk level and gang affiliations can also be stored. With a handheld scanner or via an RFID portal, an inmate’s activity can now be tracked, including where they go, when they eat, medication dispensed, transfers to/from courts and other facilities, head count presence, recreational activity time, commissary supply items assigned, and behavior.

RFID changes the scope of inmate tracking. Utilizing RFID technology, portal reads of large groups are also possible permitting headcounts to be conducted with handheld readers or via walk through portals. Portals can also be effectively used to accurately record transfers to/from court, to the cafeteria or any other doorway/entrance to an area that requires documenting who/when someone passed through. Automating these procedures saves valuable time, and yields greater regulatory compliance and accuracy.

TransitionWorks’ Compli-Trak solution is unique in its ability to utilize multiple technologies autonomously or simultaneously, including biometric identification, RFID, and/or barcode. A biometric reader can recognize an inmate’s fingerprint, providing a verifiable form of inmate identification (especially useful when dispensing medications, court appearances, dangerous commissary items, or as a signature alternative). The system is customizable to meet the needs of your institution. User defined data fields are available for facility specific information. A graphical user interface (GUI) map allows authorized personnel to view an inmate or guard’s last known location on a visual blueprint of the facility.

Compli-Trak is a web based application enabling users to control their facilities without boundaries, supplying security and control even during those times when you cannot physically be in the building. Personnel with authorized security access can log-in to the system from any web browser, including a PC, PDA or Smart Phone. Compli-Trak improves efficiency, accelerates inmate processing and provides you with a reliable system to manage day-to-day requirements.

Entrance Control

TransitionWorks Software’s Entrance Control Solution is designed to support single or multiple entrances and can be easily integrated with video surveillance, payment systems and back-office systems. Other features include, but are not limited to:

Self Registration Portal

  • Entrance users create their profiles and register all vehicles online
  • Entrance pass requests are queued and can be re-sorted using a variety of criteria to facilitate issuing passes

Customizable System Event Notifications

  • Allows administrative users to subscribe to system events
  • Choice of notification types (i.e. email, online notifications, etc.)

All entrance events are captured and stored in the Entrance Control System. Reports can be created for specific time periods, user types, entrance events, etc. Reports can be obtained both online and/or printed and can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Key Benefits:

  • Automates restricted access
  • Create special entrance schedules for individual users or user groups
  • Create special entrance schedules for holidays, weekends, off seasons, etc.
  • Obtain a complete overview of site access history
  • Streamline your on-site logistics processes to reduce costs
  • Internet based remote control and monitoring for authorized users

Evidence Room Tracking

Hard-to-find or missing property and evidence can jeopardize the reputation of your law enforcement agency, drain your department’s resources or in extreme cases, air-tight convictions can fall apart when evidentiary chains-of-custody are questioned. Evidence-Trak enables users to track the location of evidence; the custody of each item as the item moves from the police department to district attorney’s office to the court and records the entire chain of custody. Officers and property room clerks can easily search by case number, officer name, violation, date, time, location, and other criteria.

Evidence-Trak is an automated evidence management system that captures and tracks all evidence from check-in through inspection, transference to a lab or court, release, or disposal. When a piece of evidence is checked in, the system generates a barcode and/or RFID tag that records important details about each item. The label is affixed to the evidence, which is scanned into inventory. Choosing to use a tamper evident RFID tag will render the tag unreadable to further protect the evidence in the event of tampering. Fixed RFID readers can be placed at the doorway of the evidence room to read tags as they pass through and/or mounted underneath the desk at the check-out window for countertop check in/out. An authorized person checking out evidence submits their ID Badge, case number, signature, and destination, linking this information to each specific piece of evidence removed. When that evidence is returned, it is scanned back into the store room inventory. Readers placed on exits from the evidence room ensure no unauthorized removal. Every transaction is automatically tracked and logged, and a full audit trail is provided for each item.

These are some of the benefits achieved by replacing manual sign-out sheets and automated tracking:

  • Evidence activity is Date/Time Stamped
  • Evidence is tracked by location, case number, officer assigned
  • A History File is available on demand
  • Unalterable “Chain of Custody” reporting
  • Current storage room inventory report available
  • Standard reporting for Checked-Out Items
  • Missing items report
  • An e-mail or SMS message can be sent for overdue notifications or action items

Evidence Trak not only allows departments to use personnel more efficiently, but also reduces storage space requirements; which can add up to significant cost savings for agencies that have evidence backlog issues. While some evidence must be saved indefinitely, the majority can be returned or destroyed once legal requirements are met. The system can generate notifications to alert personnel whenever an item meets those requirements so they can take the appropriate action. Automate evidence handling and improve efficiencies by making your evidence and property room management information instantly accessible with Evidence-Trak.

Facility Evacuation

Evacuation situations call for the immediate accounting of personnel and visitors to ensure personal safety. In the event of an emergency, evacuees can range from a few to thousands and not one can be left behind. TransitionWorks’ Facility Evacuation and Visitor Verification tracks employees, visitors, and contractors, providing verifiable accountability of all occupants.

Upon entrance into the facility, administrative personnel would register visitors and contractors. Employees are assigned badges as part of the hiring process. Additionally, biometric fingerprints and photo or photo ID can be captured. Contact information, including, mobile number, company employer, their work station or department visiting, and even physical attributes can be listed. When all the required information is gathered, an active RFID badge, specific to that individual, is issued. Equipment can be checked in/out (i.e. radios, keys, tools) to ensure their return. Active badges with a panic or distress button are also available. The badges have a long battery life (approx 5 years) and are reuseable/reassignable.

Utilizing Active RFID, antennas strategically placed near entrances and exits track when someone enters/leaves the building. RFID readers are also posted at each external muster point to verify the evacuees present during an emergency. Persons not detected at muster points and not identified as having exited, would be assumed to be in the building. Evacuation managers would receive a notification of any unaccounted persons and the work station/department visiting via e-mail.

Safety and security is vital to ensuring a successful evacuation. We never know when an emergency situation will occur, integrating TransitionWorks Evacuation and Visitor Verification Solution will ensure you account for all employees, contractors and any visitors. Utilizing TransitionWorks Software’s middleware infrastructure allows you to build upon this solution by integrating Time and Attendance and/or Asset Tracking. Implementing several systems using the same technology reduces your infrastructure costs and simplifies system maintenance.

Inmate Property Tracking

TransitionWorks Software’s Inmate Property-Trak is fully automated and encompasses RFID and barcode technologies to integrate with yourcurrent Jail Management System (JMS). Inmate Property-Trak allows officers to record an inmate’s personal property such as watches, rings, shoes, belts, and clothing when entering the correctional facility. All monetary possessions collected upon inmate entry are posted for commissary use or logged as evidence. The personal property bags are equipped with a barcode or RFID label to provide traceability and ease of locating upon an inmate’s discharge.

An inmate’s personal property is placed in a bag (or bags) which is tagged (RFID or barcode) and matched with the inmate’s unique identification number. The property is catalogued and assigned to a storage location within the secured personal property room. When locating or retrieving the personal property, just proceed to the assigned storage location. If personal property is missing and RFID technology is being utilized, an RFID scanner would be used much like a Geiger counter to emit an audible sound whose beeps increase in frequency the closer you get to the tagged bag. With barcode technology, the bag(s) of barcode tagged items are scanned to verify ownership. Property is maintained and updated based on inmate entry or transfer and is easily queried by using inmate name, case number, property type, date of entry or other identifying information.

Inmate Property-Trak automates the management and tracking of personal property providing an audit trail designating who, what, when and where. Mobile readers are used to rapidly inventory property within the property room and to locate misplaced items. An RFID reader can scan multiple items at once, greatly reducing the time required to conduct manual inventories. Fixed RFID readers can be placed at doorways to read bagged items passing in and out of the storage area. Items tagged with barcode labels are scanned each time the bag is removed or returned to the property room. Inmate Property-Trak enhances item entry with automated item identification, replaces paper logs with electronic records, and reduces lost or misplaced personal property resulting in more accurate accountability and traceability.

Inmate Property-Trak can be used in conjunction with Compli-Trak to provide your facility with a total inmate accountability solution.

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