A smart inventory planning and forecasting software to predict future stock.

About StockTrim

StockTrim is an inventory planning and forecasting software that predicts future stock requirements to converse up to 40% of working capital. The solution helps eliminate the use of spreadsheets and has been proven to reduce stock-outs by 50%, reduce over-stocking by 20-40%, and save 75% more time.

StockTrim will work with your company to optimize inventory levels, calculate safety stocks, and generate the most optimal purchase order plans.

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StockTrim Features

  • Intuitive Order Plan: Easily see how much you need to order right now, so that you don’t get caught short, or accidentally order too much. No more time consuming calculations with forecasts, current stock levels, and supplier lead times.
  • Detailed Demand Analysis: Drill down to see the underlying demand patterns and order quantity calculations so you can be confident in predictions and ordering the right amount.
  • Manufacturing Features: See the forecasted demand for your finished product and translate that into the required orders for each component or ingredient. StockTrim even handles multi-level Bills of Materials with ease.
  • Variable Lead Times: Configure your supplier lead time and recalculate the forecasts in real time to ensure you have enough to cover the time between placing orders and receiving your products.
  • Multiple Locations: Plan how much inventory you need to order for each of your stores or warehouses.
  • Ability To Forecast New Products: StockTrim is unique in that it can even predict demand for new products without any sales history.
  • Customer Forecasts: Forecast and predict your customers future requirements, and recommend order quantities to them.
  • Automated Purchasing: Automatically create purchase orders, based on StockTrim’s intelligent suggestions, and then either send them to your supplier, or send them back to your inventory system as part of a seamless workflow.

StockTrim Target Market

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • eCommerce

StockTrim Pricing

The cost of StockTrim starts at $99/month, billed annually. Monthly pricing is available at an increased cost. The pricing model is dependent on the SKU count, number of locations, and number of users. There is a 14-day free trial available. There is no free version available.

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User Reviews of StockTrim

Submitted on March 21st, 2023 by Aruna Perera

We are beginning a 3 month paid trial of the system and from there we will evaluate long term use. The support and follow up with StockTrim was constant and in the end they were able to meet nearly 100% of our needs, with just a 20% work around. We also found the overall system very user friendly.