Wintac products are no longer supported or maintained as of February 1, 2022.

Product Overview

Wintac, now under FieldEdge, was a comprehensive business management software designed for service companies. The all-in-one solution offered full accounting and robust features to efficiently manage field technicians, service trucks, and office personnel.


  • Technician-friendly invoices and job management
  • Detailed equipment and warranty tracking
  • Unlimited live technical support


  • Limited regional adaptability
  • No real dashboard view
  • No longer sold or supported

Target Market

Small to mid-sized service companies that require a comprehensive, all-in-one business management solution. Its strengths lie in scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. This makes it especially suitable for businesses that value an integrated system and responsive technical assistance but may not cater to the complexities of larger enterprises or highly specialized industries.

Not Recommended For

Large enterprises or businesses in need of advanced, modern features such as cloud-based operations, real-time GPS tracking, or sophisticated data analytics. Additionally, its limited regional adaptability makes it less ideal for international businesses, particularly those outside North America, that require region-specific functionalities, like Canadian payroll support.

About Wintac


General Features

  • True all-in-one software solution
  • User-friendly interface with 25+ years of industry feedback
  • Comprehensive onboarding process for quick setup
  • No hidden costs or maintenance fees

Service and Support

  • One year of unlimited technical customer support
  • Support via phone, email, fax, and online


  • Compatibility with various devices (PDAs, smartphones, tablets)
  • Offline and online data synchronization
  • Electronic signature capturing support
  • Optional Wintac Web Portal for enhanced mobile computing

Accounting & Payroll

  • Extensive employee and payroll management
  • Direct deposit and electronic W-2 filing support
  • Customizable deductions and payroll processing
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and graphing tools

Purchasing, Bill-Paying, and Accounts Payable

  • Automated vendor purchase orders and accounts payable tracking
  • Visual check writing and detailed bank account management
  • Credit card transaction tracking and automated bank reconciliation

Customer & Lead Management

  • Advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Contact and prospect management tools
  • Professional proposals, quotes, and estimates creation
  • Integrated marketing and customer satisfaction tracking

Fleet Management

  • Complete vehicle fleet management
  • Maintenance scheduling and service history logging

Integrations & Customizations

  • Microsoft Office and QuickBooks integration
  • Additional integrations with TomTom Webfleet and Xcharge Integrated Payments

Inventory Management

  • Detailed tracking and management of inventory
  • Barcode scanning and label printing support

Scheduling, Dispatching, & Work Order Management

  • Multi-view Job Control Center for scheduling and dispatching
  • Advanced route optimization and GPS support
  • Electronic signature capturing on work orders and invoices
Starting Price
$2,695 /user (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Wintac

Submitted on August 26th, 2022 by Barbara

Used it for 10 years…knew that it was not going to be supported anymore, but thought we could still use until we had the time to look for a replacement. Now plug has been pulled, we lost everything. We have no customer information, history or contact information. Dead in the water. Not being techie people and only a small honestbusiness, we did not think that we would be cut off like this

The Good…

It was easy

The Bad…

Being cut off and loosing everything

Submitted on March 5th, 2020 by Anonymous

I have used this software for the last 10 years. Never have I had as many issues with it as I have currently with the latest version. The 2020 software version is not as good as past years. There are areas on the work orders that have drastically different font sizes, which making reading them hard. Then when you adjust the size of the font it changes to a different font style. But this is for only half of the wording on the page, so there are 2 different styles which makes it look really unprofessional. Because I know how it has worked and looked for so many years I am really upset with this latest version.

The Good…

Easy to learn

The Bad…

Make it like it used to be where all of the font size was the same and looked the same.

Submitted on June 14th, 2019 by Anonymous

The following is a list of some of the reasons why I am so satisfied with the Wintac service program: 1) All in one design with no additional modules to buy. 2) Very user friendly. 3) Easy to navigate. 4) Easy to learn. 5) They listen to user suggestions and incorporate many into future upgrades. 6) Their support staff is unsurpassed.

There are no long waits to hear a real person’s voice. Questions are answered on the spot. If a question is emailed to them, the answer is returned within a few hours that same day. No other software can make that claim. And the support staff is kind and courteous. The list goes on and on. I highly recommend Wintac service software to anyone looking for a great system with outstanding support.

Submitted on January 2nd, 2019 by Anonymous

Every time we do an update it causes a large issue in the system. Currently, I’m unable to reconcile my accounts from October due to an update that was done. None of my number match after the update and things disappear. I know every software is not perfect, but when I have to go back a few years to figure out how to reconcile the balance sheet it becomes difficult to use.