Centerline TMS

A full ERP system designed by Accord Software for transportation companies.

About Centerline TMS

Increasing your revenues by ramping up your trucking volume will cost you in increased overheads for equipment, labour, and facilities. The more profitable way to higher revenues is to first maximize your Return On Investment.

Buried deep within most trucking companies is a small fortune in inefficiencies, losses, and unnecessary claims. Unearthing that treasure requires tight monitoring and control of your entire operation-exactly the kind of control that Centerline TMS provides.

Centerline TMS is built around a Crossdock Control Module that rigorously tracks every piece of freight in your system and feeds the activity directly into your billing system.

The comprehensive Dispatch Module not only directs incoming and outgoing traffic efficiently, it also follows the status of all your rolling stock and on-road personnel and allows input from third part satellite, mapping, and routing software.

And, on the output end, Centerline TMS’s full-featured Financial Module is custom-tailored to the special requirements and reporting needs of LTL trucking and cartage.

Centerline TMS runs under most business computer operating systems, interfaces with all popular database structures, and is flexibility structured to allow you to link any combination of its modules to your existing software.

But, for optimal ROI, consider it as a fully-integrated supersuite of operations control software that lets you take command of your entire organization from orders-in to profits-out.


Accounts Payable

The Accord Accounts Payable System will provide you with greater control and flexibility in tracking vendors’ activity as well as every transaction that can affect the accounts payable balance

Making payments is an easy and flexible process. Documents may be placed on hold, selected individually for payment or selected automatically by the system under user control designed to maximize cash flow and take advantage of available discounts.

The system is tightly integrated with a number of specialized applications or it may be run simply as a stand-alone package.

Accounts Receivable

The Accord Accounts Receivable System will provide you with greater control and flexibility in tracing customer sales activity and payment behavior.

Each customer’s sales history, payment history, ageing, and internal note system are carefully monitored and reported, enabling management to make timely and informed decisions.

The system is tightly integrated with a number of specialized billing systems or it may be run simply as a stand-alone package.


The Cross Dock module is the centerpiece of the entire application.

Its implementation will enforce superior control in the management of freight that must to be off-loaded to a dock, consolidated, rerouted, and loaded for delivery.

In terms of features, ease of use and speed, it is the finest LTL Cross Dock module on the market.

Some additional highlights are:

  • Off-load manifests allow immediate verification of the freight configuration
  • Delivery manifests
  • Inter Terminal manifests
  • OS&D generation and tracking
  • Extensive tracing procedure to retrieve freight information and document images by standard references and user defined references at the customer level.
  • Load sheet showing what freight is on any selected terminal.
  • Probill numbers can either be assigned by the computer or pre-printed on bar coded labels.
  • Delivery time analysis by customer for any selected date range.
  • Reports on data entry clerks productivity.
  • Extensive note subsystem allows tagging unlimited number of permanent or temporary notes to be transmitted to other users.
  • Customer shipping, operation and billing profiles are stored in the system to enable accurate entry and validation of data and to achieve the highest level of auto rating.
  • Routes destination inter terminal automatically by zip/postal code.
  • Routes delivery runs automatically by destination city or zip/postal code

General Ledger

The Accord General Ledger System provides flexible financial reporting and accounting necessary to fulfill the needs of a large or growing multi-faceted organization. Recurring, reversing, and adjusting entries are available to minimize data entry.

The Financial Report Generator enables the user to produce statements in a variety of formats and combinations of departments, divisions, or companies. The system employs two formats: horizontal for headings and column definitions; vertical for account groupings and totals. An extensive audit trail traces every transaction back to its original source.

Interlines Payable

Centerline provides a very efficient and accurate methodology to process interlined transactions.

All transactions handled by outside carriers are accounted for and rated. The system allows recording and matching A/P invoices towards each transaction. Once reviewed and approved the Financial application is updated with all relevant information for further processing of due payments.


The invoicing process analyzes, consolidates, and rates the Probills that have passed through the delivery stage.

Un-Rated transactions are highlighted for operator intervention to correct the anomaly and push the Probill through the process.

The invoicing module is fully integrated to Centerline Financial software but can also be integrated with most popular high-end financial packages.

Order Entry & Dispatch

The Order Entry system allows the entry of pickup orders from shippers.

The Dispatch system allows operations to track and control movement of Freight, utilization of Equipment, and workload of Drivers.

The dispatcher uses various views to commit resources, plan or assign Pickups and Deliveries and communicate with drivers.

Lookup forms allow tracking the usage and location of all equipment.


Centerline rating system is extremely sophisticated and provides all the features to cover all unusual requirements of an LTL company.

What makes it so superior is the high level of flexibility conferred to the end user when it comes to define the structure of each rate table.

The methodology results in a very high level of auto rating and control that dramatically reduces the number of transactions that require operator intervention.

Additional highlights include:

  • LTL, TL, and VARIABLE rating methods are supported.
  • User defined Rating units of measure can be selected in any rating method.
  • Supports Point to Point and Tariff Based tables
  • Supports multiple effective and expiry dates
  • Allows customer defined minimums.
  • Allows rating by weight break, minimum and maximum charges, by piece count or by mileage.
  • Accessory charges are automatically calculated by setting up codes for each type of charge at a global or customer level.

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