A web-based fleet management solution designed by Agile with GPS tracking and fuel management functionality.

Product Overview

FleetCommander is a fleet management software designed for medium-to-large-sized businesses. It provides a range of features including automated scheduling, billing and invoicing, compliance management, customizable reports, dispatch management, fuel management, GPS tracking, maintenance scheduling, and more.

FleetCommander is entirely web-based with no installation required by end users. Additionally, the system supports a variety of integrations, making it a flexible solution for diverse fleet management requirements.


  • Software is customizable
  • Platform is user-friendly and intuitive
  • Stores all vehicle information in one cerntralized location


  • Connection problems can limit real-time updates
  • No guide or video tutorials
  • Maintenance module is lacking
  • Pricing details unavailable from the developer

Target Market

Medium-to-large-sized businesses that require a system to manage and optimize their fleet operations, especially motor pool management of a significant number of vehicles.

About FleetCommander

Video Overview


  • Online Vehicle Reservations: Set up the customizable online vehicle request form for your drivers to use. Featuring automatic error-checking, automated policy enforcement and optional vehicle selection, the average request takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Fleet Utilization, Optimization, and Assignment: Consult intuitive graphical interfaces which make it quick and easy for even the novice to maximize fleet efficiency.
  • Maintenance: Create preventative maintenance plans and assign them to vehicles. Quickly create work orders and track the status and costs of the tasks, parts and labor associated with work done on an asset.
  • Key Control and Kiosks: Give drivers the ability to check out and check in vehicles with a FleetCommander key control system. Grant the privilege of self-checkout to specific drivers, and optionally allow “Grab-and-Go” reservations, giving authorized drivers the ability to self-dispatch an available vehicle “on-the-fly.”
  • Reports: Examine data such as motor pool utilization, vehicle usage, maintenance due, maintenance costs, missing mileage, accident statistics, aging by time or miles, and much more. You decide how you want to filter your reports, how they should be sorted, and whether your data should be exported in Excel or HTML format.
  • User Management: Activate and manage a user’s profile, permissions (at the site level or across the enterprise), dependents, vehicle usage, and more.
  • GPS Solutions: Provides real-time location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, comprehensive reports and alerts, routing, and messaging using a simple and intuitive interface. Data can also be transmitted back to FleetCommander.


  • View daily or hourly utilization data by vehicle, vehicle type, fleet site, and more.
  • Assign vehicles based on criteria you establish (e.g. oldest/newest, highest/lowest mileage, first in/last in, etc.).
  • Balance the mix of “assigned” to “pooled” vehicles.
  • Enjoy automated error-checking, rule validation and policy enforcement.
  • Take advantage of automatically updating dashboards, letting your maintenance personnel, dispatchers and managers know what needs to be done and when.
  • Allow your drivers to make vehicle requests and check request status.
  • Allow drivers with assigned vehicles to easily report mileage usage and imputed income information online. Vehicle profiles are automatically updated with the latest odometers, and maintenance reminders are automatically generated.
  • Save money by making your resources as cost-effective as they can be.
  • Let FleetCommander’s automatic policy enforcement inform your drivers and lower your risk.
  • Enhance customer service by reviewing customer feedback which can be solicited or spontaneously given at any time.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of FleetCommander

Submitted on May 17th, 2023 by Anonymous

FleetCommander just checks all the boxes on what we need it to do. It is all custom for us, we’ve got some weird things we’ve got to do for clients and it did everything we need it to do. Supports been good. Pretty comparable to other options out there.