A web-based trucking software designed by Aurora Software for transportation companies.

About Nova

Nova provides a Complete Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution. Full Truckload, LTL, Intermodal, brokerage, etc. This software provides a full dispatch, accounting, invoicing, imaging, equipment maintenance, vehicle maintenance, EDI, ELD integrations, etc.


Here are the key features provided by Nova Truckload Software:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Driver Settlements
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Orders

There are also advanced features including:

  • ColorVision Dispatch Operations
  • Color-Coded Shipment Statuses Convey Information Quickly to Dispatchers
  • Fully Integrated Document Imaging System
  • Sales/Reporting
  • Send Driver Communication Directly from the Dispatch Screen (E-Mail or SMS)
  • Driver Mobile Dispatch Communications allows your drivers the ability to “dispatch” themselves.
  • Customer Account Notifications
  • Automatic Rating / Custom Tariff and Rating Structures
  • Shipment Quoting
  • Customer Web Tracing w/ Document Imaging Retrieval
  • Customer Invoicing (Printed, Emailed, FTP, EDI)
  • Mileage Package Interface (PCMiler, Google, etc.)
  • Fuel Card Interface (EFS, etc.)
  • Complete Equipment Visibility
  • Google Maps Technology
  • Full Collections and Accounting (AR, AP, GL, DS)
  • Complete Driver Safety Package with Document Imaging and Automated Notifications
  • Customer Service Software with Document Imaging Retrieval

Get details on each of the key features:

Accounts Payable

The Nova: Transportation Solutions accounts payable sub-system will quickly become one of the most powerful tools you will use in managing your company. Easy to use, the sub-system will provide you with the information you need for planning your cash utilization.

When invoices are entered into the system, you have the ability to add auditing information and comments, and are allowed up to nine hundred cost distributions. Each vendor can be set up with standard cost distributions, simplifying data entry and reducing the possibility of errors.

  • Nova: Transportation Solutions accounts payable system allows you to see the full extent of your cash requirements.
  • Combined with the accounts receivable system you will have the power and knowledge to make considered decisions.
  • Reports show open and closed invoices, cash requirements and ageing, journal entries, audit lists and several reports showing vendor and invoice files.
  • Online inquiry programs locate invoices fast for checking status and answering questions.
  • Flexible payment selection criteria allows full control of payments.
  • Features several manual, semi-automatic and automatic methods.
  • Recurring payments are set up once and invoices are generated on a weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • System handles manual and voided checks.
  • Creates all journal entries needed and transfers to the General Ledger

Accounts Receivable

Nova: Transportation Solutions A/R System accounts for revenues and assists in collections giving you complete control of your receivables.

  • Nova: Transportation Solutions A/R System accounts for revenues and assists in collections giving you complete control of your receivables.
  • Customers know you are on the ball and look for someone else to stall
  • Proven to cut receivables by 15 days or more
  • All Freight bill information is on file and available for on-line inquiry saving staff valuable search and processing time
  • Forms can be printed in color for additional impact
  • Nova: Transportation Solutions can combine freight bills into statements- fulfilling your billing requirements
  • Customer records indicates needs for payment ie. Proof of delivery, bill of lading, etc.
  • Aging Report provides summary by account or one line detail for each freight bill
  • Aging Report will list bills outstanding one customer at a time
  • Account Record is updated each time an ageing report is run/space for credit info and collection tracking
  • Cash receipts batches and balances before posting to freight bills
  • Full revenue and payment history is available for inquiry and review
  • Defined General Ledger entries for receivables, revenue and cash receipts
  • Discounts granted report shows the effect on your company
  • Includes a sales analysis program summarizing info by shipper, consignee, bill to, trailers, zip codes and other criteria
  • Support programs prevent losses by tracking situations
  • New level of controls ensure that the minimum data input and accuracy standards that you set are maintained…

Driver Settlements

Nova: Transportation Solutions is a POWERFUL tool for making sure that your drivers and agents get paid promptly and accurately. With Nova: Transportation Solutions you have the flexibility to customize settlements for each driver/agent, or for a group. This means that you can take advantage of opportunities to negotiate better deals. Nova: Transportation Solutions gives you the ability to pay your drivers by:

  • Mile
  • Percentage of Revenue
  • Flat Rate per Trip.

Other details:

  • Nova: Transportation Solutions also can tell the difference between freight and accessorial revenues. This means that you can compensate drivers for work they perform, such as loading and unloading, and not pay them for work you perform, such as permit fees or insurance surcharges.
  • The Nova: Transportation Solutions settlement system gets its inputs from the freight bill-A/R file, or from the trip control-dispatch file. Drivers can be paid for work accomplished up to your payroll cut-off date, or the system can be configured to only pay for trips which are completed, including all paperwork and logs.
  • This gives you flexibility in determining the best way to handle your driver relations.
  • All Nova: Transportation Solutions payment data is placed in a driver settlement file. Inquiry and maintenance programs allow you to display what a driver has been paid, what is due for payment, and to manually add, delete, or modify payments. The system has the ability to generate either weekly or monthly deductions for workmans comp., or other insurance programs. Deductions for advances, repairs, permits, or other purposes can be added to the file as needed.
  • All entries in the settlement file can have three statuses, which are controlled by you. They are:
    • Release: this means that the item will be paid (or deducted) from the next payment cycle.
    • Hold: this means that the item will not be paid until released. An item may be held for any reason you require, such as incomplete paperwork, missing logs, or potential claims.
    • Wait: this means that the item is available to be paid, but not until the freight bill is paid. On every pay cycle the program checks the freight bill to see if it has been paid. If it has, the driver gets paid. If not, the item remains in a wait status. This is usually used for paying drivers their share of detention time, or other customer charges which may be disputed. The Nova: Transportation Solutions settlement system prepares a detailed report for your drivers so they understand exactly what they are being paid for, and what is being held and needs action on their part.
  • The settlement system can pass the pay data into the Nova: Transportation Solutions payroll system for company employees, or into the Nova: Transportation Solutions accounts payable system for owner operators and contract drivers. You control this at the driver level, and both methods of payment can be used at the same time. This give you the maximum flexibility in planning your staffing requirements.
  • Because there are so many ways which companies use to pay drivers, AURORA SOFTWARE is prepared to custom program driver settlement programs to meet the special needs of its customers.

General Ledger

The Nova: Transportation Solutions general ledger sub-system is designed like the systems sold for large mainframe computers. Nova: Transportation Solutions general ledger gives your company all of the power and flexibility available to the largest companies.

The system supports multi-company, multi-division, and multi-department companies. Income and expense (P&L) reports can be prepared at the division level. This means that you can set up each of your terminals, or other revenue centers such as a shop or garage, as divisions, and evaluate each operation separately.

  • The account identifier for the general ledger system is up to twenty-two characters long; can identify company, division, and account.
  • G/L interfaces with subledgers such as A/R, A/P, and payroll.
  • Reports and screen displays give complete analysis of individual accounts, ranges of accounts, or all journal enteries in the system.
  • Quick access to information needed to close accounting periods and financial reports.
  • Complete financial statements are prepared and ready for distributrion
  • Provides year-to-date and year-to-year comparisions for complete performance picture
  • Accounting periods can be reopened to allow for late or adjusting enteries
  • Gives you a quick financial picture and then gets final reports after the full details is available


Nova: Transportation Solutions payroll is a full feature system which will process your payroll in a timely and accurate manner.

  • Reduces cost to process payroll
  • Employees paid correctly/Flexibility to incorporate benefit packages
  • Computes all taxes and fees including earned income credit
  • Supports up to 4 shifts with automatic generation of shift differentials and overtime
  • Automatic interface to driver settlements
  • Supports all 401K, Keogh, and Cafeteria plans
  • Job codes can be used for journalizing payroll costs- keeping workman’s comp as low as possible
  • General Ledger entries are created automatically including entries for voided and manual checks
  • Reporting requirements fulfilled

Purchase Order

Manages your Purchase Orders neatly and easily with the Nova: Transportation Solutions Purchase Order software.

  • Easy to understand programs appealing to the eye
  • PO Entry / Receiving PO’s a simple process.
  • Integrated into Accounts Payable

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User Reviews of Nova

Submitted on January 27th, 2021 by Anonymous

Overall experience has been Excellent!!! Great customer support, open to ideas and suggestions from customers.

Pros: All of our information in one place. Do not have to go between systems to dispatch, invoice or pay vendors. It is a one stop shop that more than meets all of our needs!!!

Cons: Nothing really, if I am having a problem with something, I just call support and ALL of the issues are handled quickly.

Submitted on October 21st, 2019 by Anonymous

The people have been great to work with. They have guided us along the process of building our customized software needed to operate our business model.

Pros: That it could be customized to fit our industry needs.

Cons: The change over from our old software to the new software was a bit challenging as a user. Also we are not extremely compatible with Quick Books and it currently forces us to re-enter a lot of information.