A software system designed by C2Logix for commercial & service and transportation companies.

About TourSolver

Are You Looking For:

  • Cost savings?
  • Balanced workdays without overtime?
  • Maximized productivity?
  • Improved customer service?
  • Better control of operations?
  • Easy routing and dispatching?

Imagine having a route planning solution that plans the best dispatching for all your trucks, tell you how to effectively route your service technicians, trucks or plan sales calls that saves on travel and labor expenses…

The hours spent manually routing could be virtually eliminated. You will accomplish more with the same budget. Drivers could have turn-by-turn driving directions so they wouldn’t get lost. Optimized routes will decrease windshield time and increase revenue-generating time. What would that do for revenues? Overall your fleet mileage decreases, productivity and efficiency increases. Your customers would also appreciate the improvement from consistent, on-time service

Your Competition Wouldn’t Like How You Are Servicing More Locations, All at a Lower Cost.

“The Feds chose C2Logix to implement TourSolver for responding to terrorist attacks and the worst dispatching scenarios. The same solution is available for your company!”

What Does TourSolver Do?

With TourSolver routing software you can easily implement and begin route planning with a simple 4 step process:

Place Customers and Vehicles on the Map

  • This is done automatically and straight from postal addresses held in your information system or a mere Microsoft Excel, Access or Text file.

Configure Optimization Settings

  • Select different routing parameters based on your needs and equipment


  • Ordered list of customers per vehicle
  • Distance, durations, costs, vehicle capacity used…

Exploit the Results

  • Route Plannings, routes in Excel, Word, or Text format
  • Send by e-mail or SMS format
  • Export to a GPS device

What Are the Benefits to Using TourSolver?

TourSolver Is a Simple, Affordable and Easy to Use Multi-Vehicle Scheduling and Route Optimization Solution.

With fuel and vehicle costs climbing, competetion is getting tougher, customers are more demanding, drivers are absent more often…

Wouldn’t you want to quickly and easily create cost-effective routes which respect customers’ constraints?

Whats New in TourSolver?

  • Truck Attributes
  • Multiple Depots management
  • Pick up & Delivery
  • Possibility of avoiding toll sections
  • Extended visit management
  • Automatic nights when last visit is too far from home
  • Automatic assignment of a customer to a resource in case of frequency
  • Many user interface improvements

Product Overview

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