A fleet and asset management software system designed by Collective Data.

About collectiveFleet

The most productive fleet and asset management system.

collectiveFleet is a web-based fleet and asset management solution that’s designed to help organizations track and report on their assets while improving productivity in daily operations. The base system includes a comprehensive set of tools that are configurable to meet unique requirements.

  • Make time consuming tasks easier, giving you and other employees more time to focus on other work & Justify the need for new equipment, new staff, or other purchases based on relevant data
  • Improve uptime and customer service
  • Reduce equipment ownership costs through better preventive maintenance compliance
  • Have the historical records needed to stay compliant with various regulations
  • Improve communication and let less slip through the cracks on a busy workday
  • Optimize part inventory levels to prevent overordering
  • Improve labor productivity and make data entry easy for technicians on the shop floor

Track Detailed Fleet and Asset Information With Ease.

Through standard and configurable options, collectiveFleet gives you the tools to track all data related to your vehicles and assets.

  • Reference your equipment data in real-time
  • Manage all costs associated with your assets such as costs-per-mile, depreciation, accidents, and more
  • Track equipment components on assets
  • Track contacts related to each asset and their roles
  • Easily manage registrations and inspections per asset
  • Analyze life cycle costs and determine when it’s time for replacement
  • Optional Mission Control Dashboard for managing key performance indicators and take action on items

Improve How You Manage Preventive Maintenance.

Extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime, and get the most out of assets through better preventive maintenance.

  • Know what preventive maintenance is due on any asset at any time
  • Templates make it easy to manage many vehicles with similar service schedules
  • Receive and send email alerts when services, registrations, licenses, or other scheduled items are approaching or overdue
  • Various reports give you cost, labor, parts used, and more related to your maintenance efforts

Part Inventory Management and Purchasing.

  • Monitor essential information on parts, quantity on hand, quantity on order, and more
  • Process purchasing, receiving, issuing, returning and transfer of parts
  • Manage and recoup more warranties and core part returns
  • Manage vendors and compare costs, history, and more through comprehensive reporting
  • Find ways to reduce unused inventory
  • Barcode scanning capabilities built in
  • The Advanced Parts Tracking enhancement option extends the functionality even further to meet specific needs

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Work Order System.

  • Simplified processes to let you get in and input data while still gathering detailed information
  • Specialized shop interface for giving technicians, supervisors, and parts personnel easy data entry and optimal workflow
  • Create estimates for services
  • The wealth of data works to provide reporting, quick access to repair histories, and decision-making power

Safety is a huge concern for fleets and our software gives you the tools to track, analyze, and know what is going on.

  • Accidents and claims management
  • Monitor driver habits, traffic violations, and more
  • Keep track of employee incidents
  • Easily manage inspections on assets, resulting in issues being caught early and improving safety throughout the fleet
  • Report on accidents, costs involved, and drivers at fault

Flexible Reporting and Analysis.

Generate useful information regarding your fleet, costs, resource allocation, and more.

  • 100+ standard fleet and operational reports
  • Ability to create custom reports with the built-in report editor
  • Ad-hoc style reports that make creating simple, custom reports easy for the average user
  • Advanced filtering and query options for showing relevant data
  • Export to .CSV and .PDF
  • Graphs and charts

Integrate With Other Software.

Collective Data offers a variety of direct integrations, exports, and reports that help you bring in data and send data out.

  • Fuel Cards (WEX, Fuelmaster, Gasboy, and many more)
  • GPS and Diagnostics Data (Networkfleet, Zonar Systems, and more)
  • Accounting systems
  • NAPA Parts integration
  • Others upon request
  • More about integrations

Advanced Parts Tracking

Helping Fleets Take Parts Inventory Management to a Whole New Level.

Advanced Parts Tracking gives you an expanded set of features for improved productivity and more in-depth tracking. This enhancement option includes the following:

Part Measurement Conversions - Allows you to set up separate units (i.e. Quarts, Case, Drum, etc.) for receiving and issuance of inventory. Prices and quantities will be calculated to reflect the desired units each step of the way.

Automated Pre-Defined Parts and Labor - The system will remember parts and labor added to work codes in past work orders. When you attempt to add a work code to a new work order, the system will automatically add in the parts and labor for that work code. This can save administrators and technicians a lot of time in the data entry process.

Enhanced Inventory Count Options - Allows a quick adjustment of part quantity levels in stock. Adjustment can also be scheduled on a recurring basis and notify you when this date has passed. This includes a quick inventory count view, where all parts can be sorted by aisle, row, shelf, or bin as they are physically counted, and can be updated through the software very easily.

Vendor Part Return Credit Tracking - Credits issued from a vendor are trackable in the system and when entering a new parts order for that vendor, a notification will let you know that there is a credit that can be applied.

Part Kit Management - Gives the ability to set up pre-defined “kits” of parts. Once these are set up, they can be added to the work order details with an easy click of a button. Instead of adding many parts for jobs associated with a service or repair, the part kit can be added and all subsequent parts will be added automatically.

Audit Logging

Audit Logging tracks data changes made by users made in Collective Data’s fleet and asset management system. This includes inserts, updates, and deletes.

This enhancement option adds an extra element of accountability and can be the key to helping you find out: “Who made that change?”

Customer Management

Companies specializing in providing repair and maintenance services can use the Customer Management enhancement option to effectively manage, validate, and report on services provided to each of their customers.


  • Invoice customers and quickly report on paid/unpaid work
  • Allow customers to have access to their individual data (reports, repair histories, etc.) through the Collective Data Web Portal.
  • Know how much it is costing to service each individual customer
  • Keep track of markups and see your true profit margin for each customer
  • Set contracted rates for specific clients

Extended Asset Management

Extended Asset Management allows you to track any physical asset type beyond vehicles or equipment, turning your system into a comprehensive asset management solution. Items you can configure to track would include: facilities and buildings, HVAC units, air compressors, etc.

  • Schedule and perform labor on the asset types defined by you
  • Allows you to define the label names of the fields you with to track for each asset and define when the fields are shown for each asset type’s record
  • 4 meter types are available to each asset


Today, organizations are looking to do more with less, and consolidating software systems to manage all assets is a growing trend.

  • Simplify data gathering by having one system that everyone in the organization relies upon
  • Take advantage of the powerful reporting engine provided by the software to manage non-fleet assets effectively
  • Avoid information slipping through the cracks by utilizing one system.

Job Site Tracking

Job Site Tracking gives you the ability to set up, track, and maintain records relating to equipment usage, labor, and parts used on a job site. You’ll know where all equipment, parts, or employees are allocated at any given time.

  • Set up the job site according to the location and customer if applicable
  • Predetermine the labor and equipment rental rates and limit the job site work to only those assigned items and rates
  • Work orders may then be performed for the job site and the totals will update the job site screen costs
  • All work orders performed for a certain job site will be rolled into that job site’s cost

Mission Control

Mission Control is a dashboard-style screen in Collective Data’s fleet management software that allows a user to manage various aspects of the fleet operation in one place. Users will see a summary of important key performance indicators that they can take action on with ease.

Mission Control KPI’s can be configured on a user by user basis to only give the information they need. Some of the options included with Mission Control are:

  • Equipment in/out of service count or any custom status of equipment
  • Equipment registrations/warranties/PM’s coming and overdue
  • Equipment average age/mileage/hours
  • Employee licensing/certifications coming due
  • Maintenance requests assigned/unassigned
  • Work orders of a selected status
  • Parts needing re-ordered
  • Parts inventory value total and by warehouse
  • Back ordered/other status of purchase orders

Motor Pool Management

Reserve and Check-Out Vehicles or Equipment.

Expand on Collective Data’s fleet maintenance management software products with the optional Motor Pool enhancement option. Gain increased efficiency and the information you need to make better fleet-wide decisions.

Knowing where your assets are, who has them, and what they are costing you is easily trackable with this module. Assure that when employees need a vehicle, it’ll be there waiting for them.

Key Features:

  • Check in / check out
  • Reserve / cancel
  • Pre-checkkout and return inspections
  • Track rental rates

Quartermaster Inventory Control

The Quartermaster enhancement option is an extension of collectiveFleet that adds the ability to track quartermaster inventory and track purchase orders, receiving of inventory, stock quantities, reorder reminders, and shelf life. This option is focused on the needs of Police, Fire and other uniformed units.

A Quartermaster Item Issue screen allows you to track the assignments of quartermaster items to individuals. Once issued, reports can be run to see which employees have what items, when they were issued, what is expiring soon, and what to reorder.

Key Functions of the Quartermaster Enhancement Option Include:

  • Create, track, and award bids
  • Order and receive winning bids
  • Check in/out items
  • Allocate items
  • Set automatic re-order points
  • Serial number tracking
  • Officer/individual order history
  • Specialized reports

Shop Interface

The shop interface was built with productivity in mind, providing an optimal workflow in the shop and provides insight to how the shop is operating. Here are a few of the benefits and capabilities:

  • Simplified mechanic interface
  • Shop work distribution control
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Gain a more effective method of parts distribution
  • System-based time tracking for logging on and off jobs
  • Track and compare preventative vs repair work costs
  • Know how resources are being allocated throughout the shop
  • Easily allocate jobs based on workload
  • Tool management capabilities

Tool Manager

The Tool Manager enhancement option helps organizations manage a comprehensive tool inventory within the collectiveFleet software system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Check-Out/Check-In process for tools assigned to Equipment or Employees
  • Increase accountability
  • Gain various reports for information on location, assignment history, condition, who had the tool for how long, etc.
  • Track preventative maintenance on tools if needed

With the Tool Manager option you will have a integrated method of managing tool access. You’ll gain the ability to know where every tool in your inventory is at any time providing a level of accountability not easily achieved before.

Vacation Tracking

For organizations using Collective Data software’s employee management capabilities, Vacation Tracking is a useful extension that allows the tracking of vacation days and time off. A custom time-off request form can be set up to for requests to take place in the system.

This option requires consultation with clients to determine their vacation days, work hours and other requirements. Once in place, this will streamline how time off is tracked within your organization.

VMRS Codes

Standardize the Way You Track Assets and Maintenance.

VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) codes are a set of standardized coding conventions for tracking equipment assets and maintenance repairs for a variety of industries. The Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association currently manages the standards. Since not all fleets choose to follow this standard, vmrs codes are offered an enhancement option that can be added at any time to the system.

By integrating this option into your fleet management system, the VMRS codes will be available to be used in work orders for items such as Part Failure, Repair, Repair Reason, and Work Accomplished. As a result, you’ll gain standardized reporting according to the codes used.

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