A full ERP system designed by Compusource for transportation companies.

About VanS

Software for Moving & Storage industry. VanS addresses needs for major van line agents like: Allied, Atlas, Bekins, Mayflower, North American, and United Van Lines. Modules include: Operations and Dispatch, Customer Service, Territory Management, Record Storage, Household Goods Storage, Driver Settlements, Van Lines Order Registration and Statement Reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

The VanS Accounts Payable system simplifies the difficult task of cash management. It breaks down accounts payable processes so that all clerical functions are minimized. Accurate information is provided to assure easy payment of debts.

Entry & Inquiry

  • Prevent the entry of duplicate vendor invoices.
  • Distribute expenses to pre-defined accounts automatically.
  • View paid or unpaid invoices by vendor with the Vendor Inquiry.
  • Control payments to a vendor by placing one or all invoices on hold.
  • Track discounts and due dates automatically to avoid missing early pay opportunities or paying late fees.

Check Writing

  • Create monthly payables automatically for rent, car loans and bank notes.
  • Enter a date to project the cash needed to pay due invoices.
  • Track outstanding, cleared, or voided checks with Check Reconciliation.


  • Update payment information automatically for owner operators and third party agents into the Driver system.
  • Purchases and payments are automatically updated into the General Ledger system.
  • Automatically updates move related costs into the Job Cost System.


  • Run a Vendor Analysis report to show current and previous year invoice and payment history.
  • Print an ageing by General Ledger date to help with auditing.
  • Print an ageing by invoice or due date to monitor future cash outlay.
  • Print 1099’s automatically for any vendor, owner operator, or third party agent requiring them.

Accounts Receivable

The VanS Accounts Receivable system allows the user to effectively control and manage receivables. It assists in collection efforts by providing quick access to account information, automatically producing past-due letters, and offering multiple ageing report options.


  • View all customer activity, as well as details about specific invoices and payments.
  • Inquire by customer, order, shipper, or customer reference.

Ageing Reports

  • Print by salesperson, customer, and Accounts Receivable date to assist in collections.
  • Print by General Ledger date, account and branch to help with auditing.
  • Change the ageing days spread as needed.
  • Print detailed or summary ageing reports.

Cash Receipts

  • Display information automatically by simply entering an order number.
  • Enter and update different deposits individually.
  • Handle over-the-counter sales and other miscellaneous cash.
  • Allow other adjustments such as write-offs, credits, etc.

Customer Statements

  • Statement forms are user-definable and can be customized for specific customers.
  • Storage statements can be printed separately from non-storage.
  • Optionally exclude zero or credit balance accounts.
  • Optionally include aged totals on each statement.

Collection Letters

  • Create custom letters for past-due accounts.
  • Tailor letters to increase in severity based upon the number of days overdue. (Courtesy Notice, Service Cutoff, Notification of Auction, etc.)

Other Features

  • Use the customer memo feature to monitor collection efforts.
  • Merge old detail into a single balance forward transaction based upon a cutoff date.
  • Summarize storage or non-storage orders. This feature is beneficial for permanent storage orders that have been billed for many years. Summarize detail for specific customers.

Driver Processing

The VanS Driver Processing application tracks the status of each driver’s account. It calculates commissions, updates advances, and handles chargebacks and adjustments. It also handles third-party agent commissions.


  • Calculate commissions automatically during the revenue entry process.
  • Update General Ledger and the drivers automatically.
  • Print Driver Statements that include orderrelated revenue, commissions and adjustments.


Checks written for advances are updated to the Driver system, providing immediate status of the driver’s account.


  • Monitor the status of each driver with a driver inquiry.
  • View commission detail, advance status, orders assigned, last contact and current location.


  • Reconcile and pay drivers individually, or as a group.
  • Show earnings, adjustments, and chargebacks on the Driver Report.
  • Transfer information automatically to Accounts Payable for payment processing.

Linehaul Report

Show month-to-date and year-to-date linehaul totals by driver for the current and previous year.

Driver Memo System

Record conversations with the driver, or other information such as claims settlement, location status, and driver status.

Fixed Assets

The VanS Fixed Assets system helps keep track of company assets by updating the status and accurately calculating depreciation. This package not only streamlines asset record keeping, but also prepares detailed reports that enable you to track each asset’s value.


  • Simplify online entries of new acquisitions as well as the sale, transfer, and disposal of existing assets.
  • Process and report on multiple company and multiple branch operations.


  • Calculate depreciation for capital items by numerous methods including: Straight Line, Declining Balance, Double Declining Balance, Sum-of-the-Year’s Digits and multiple ACRS and MACRS.
  • Allow user-definable depreciation schedules with the Custom Depreciation method.
  • Depreciate each asset four different ways. (Book, Federal, State, and Other)

Monthly Cycle

  • Calculate monthly depreciation amounts.
  • Post to the General Ledger automatically.
  • Automatically recalculate depreciation on each asset’s anniversary.
  • Print a monthly activity report including a General Ledger Transaction Report.


  • Monitor the current value for each asset with the Assets Report. Include the depreciation figures for any or all of the four depreciation types. Show profits gained or losses taken on the sale of assets with the Gain/Loss on Sale of Fixed Assets Report.
  • Budget for future asset management with the Projected Depreciation Report.
  • Obtain a list of assets discarded or sold with the Disposed Asset Report.

General Ledger

The VanS General Ledger system not only simplifies the entire accounting procedure, but also produces financial reports that can help you examine your financial status in detail. General Ledger can prepare financial statements within minutes, giving a complete financial picture of the company whenever the need arises.


  • Interface with all other financial applications including Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Fixed Assets.
  • Interface with all MCMS accounting processes such as: Revenue Processing, Storage Billing, Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts, Van Line and Driver Settlements.
  • Accept transactions from those applications through an automatic posting feature.

Journal Processing

  • Control updating to any given month in the current or previous fiscal year.
  • Updating out of balance journals is not allowed.
  • Automatically generate recurring journal entries for selected frequency and duration.
  • Automatically create reversing journal entries for subsequent periods (accrual entries).
  • Dual-Year Capability allows two fiscal years to be open, permitting processing in the new year to continue while the final year-end closing figures are being gathered.

Multi-Company/Branch/Department Capability

  • Process transactions for independent companies.
  • Combine financial reports from multiple companies if needed.
  • Isolate branch and departmental income statements with special sorting.

Financial Reports

  • Analyze entries with an on-demand report or inquiry for any account or range of accounts.
  • Generate balance sheets or income statements at any time.
  • Create custom financial statement formats or select standard formats.
  • Standard Balance Sheet formats include: Current Year Balances and Current Balances with Budget Comparison.
  • Standard Income Statement formats include: current period and year-to-date amounts with percentage of sales, current period and year-to-date amounts with budget comparisons, and current period and year-to-date amounts with previous period and year-to-date comparisons.

Job Cost

The VanS Job Cost system provides file maintenance, report printing and update processing for detailed revenue and cost transactions on orders. These transactions are tracked for both Moving & Storage and Van Line orders.


  • View revenue and cost transactions on individual orders. Display Gross Profit for each order. Change or add detail to each order.
  • Specify a date range of detail to display. Also, display the information in summary or detail form.
  • Set up Labor, Material, and Overhead percentages, and automatically generate detailed transactions using these percentages.


Delete detailed Job Cost information for orders with all activity on or before a cutoff date entered by the user.


  • List all revenue and cost transactions for an order with the Job Cost report. Transactions include revenue, material costs, revenue overhead costs, labor costs, labor overhead costs, driver costs, 3rd party vendor costs, sales commission costs, and miscellaneous user-entered costs.
  • Print productivity information for each employee and the company as a whole with the Employee Productivity report.
  • Display an ‘action list’ or print orders that require processing and immediate action.
  • Complete tasks by entering the date and contact.
  • Create memos automatically for completed tasks.
  • Use the Memo System to log important conversations for future reference.

Missed Action Report

  • Show which tasks were not completed by the scheduled date.
  • Use as a management tool to monitor and follow up on incomplete tasks.
  • Designed to help managers improve efficiency.

Local & Own Authority Processing

The VanS Moving & Storage system handles all local order processing including revenue distribution, invoicing and automatic storage billing. Information from this system is integrated with other VanS applications including dispatch, customer service, driver processing, sales commission processing, and financial modules.

Order Entry

  • Find an order by: registration number, shipper name, purchase order number, or reference number.
  • Enter key dates for tasks associated with the move.
  • Setup military orders to print a voucher form in lieu of an invoice.
  • Generate dispatch tickets automatically.
  • Information is immediately available for dispatching.
  • Integrate with the VanS Memo System.

Revenue Distribution

  • Provide automatic revenue distribution from a single entry to drivers, third party agents, salespeople, and General Ledger.
  • Track pre-discount and post-discount revenue on each shipment by revenue code.
  • Allow each branch to enter and process their own orders.
  • Enter general comments about the move as well as comments about any type of revenue, and print them on the invoice (if needed).
  • Design invoice formats for customers with special requirements.
  • Transfer an order to the Van Line system as needed.

Storage Processing

  • Set up to automatically bill recurring storage each month. Handles all quarterly and non-monthly storage processing as well.
  • Control vault usage automatically by assigning boxes to orders.


  • Integrate with Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Driver Processing, Sales Processing and Job Costing automatically.
  • Fully integrated with the VanS MoveTrak, SalesTrak, and Dispatching Systems.

Reports and Inquiries

  • Track all registered orders and their current status with an extensive Order Listing Report.
  • A detailed Accounts Receivable Inquiry is available on customers and orders.
  • Other available reports: SIT Termination Report, Storage Item List, Box List.

Memo System

VanS Memo Systems are designed to make on-line information about orders, customers, and drivers accessible to anyone. They eliminate the need to track down a file folder containing handwritten notes. Think of them as ‘computerized file folders’.

Order Memos

  • Record on-going communications with the shipper, other agents, and anyone else involved with the move.
  • Assign status codes to orders such as: open, dispatched, closed, or claim pending.
  • Enter information such as contractual obligations, date confirmations, service and equipment requirements, and phone numbers.
  • Use different memo types to classify order memos for each department. Departments can view or print their own memos.

Customer Memos

  • Record on-going communications with the customers.
  • Note other information such as: contract details, billing requirements, and collection efforts.
  • Classify customer memos with a user-defined memo type.

Driver Memos

  • Record on-going communications with the drivers.
  • Note other information such as: trip status, sponsored benefits, and outstanding loans.


  • Memos are stamped with the entry date, time, and user identification. The next day, the memo can no longer be changed to protect information from being altered.
  • Memos are automatically created when selected fields are changed.
  • Customize memo screen headings to parallel the agency’s way of doing business.
  • Format general memo information to print on forms such as dispatch tickets and invoices.
  • Print and purge detailed information based upon memo types, status codes, and/or a cut-off date.


  • The Memo Systems are fully integrated with Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, and Driver Systems.
  • Memos are automatically created from the MoveTrak System.


The VanS MoveTrak system provides a means to schedule, document, and follow up on key tasks which should be performed during the course of a move. It helps agents monitor the customer service side of their business more effectively.

Base Dates

  • Use various order dates in VanS (pack, load, deliver, registration date and others) as ‘base dates’ to define and schedule the tasks that are necessary to complete a move.
  • Assign each task a base date and a range of days before and after. The date range assures the tasks are completed on schedule by providing ample lead time.
  • Include recurring responsibilities such as daily customer contact, calls to other agents involved in the move, pack day progress, etc.


  • Define separate categories for the sales, dispatch, and customer service departments. MoveTrak prompts each of these departments to perform jobs relevant to that particular move.
  • Assign primary responsibility for an order to a specific department coordinator.
  • Delegate tasks to individuals within a department.

Action Report

  • Select tasks scheduled for action within a specific range of dates.
  • Display an ‘action list’ or print orders that require processing and immediate action. Complete tasks by entering the date and contact.
  • Create memos automatically for completed tasks.
  • Use the Memo System to log important conversations for future reference.

Missed Action Report

  • Show which tasks were not completed by the scheduled date.
  • Use as a management tool to monitor and follow up on incomplete tasks.
  • Designed to help managers improve efficiency.


The VanS Operations system is an integrated VanS module that assists in the scheduling and dispatching of the personnel and equipment needed to complete a successful move. Tasks are scheduled to be completed at specific dates and times, and are assigned drivers, equipment, crews, helpers, and other required resources.


  • Assign pack, load, and delivery tasks to specific dates and times.
  • Drivers, crews, equipment and other resources can be assigned to scheduled tasks using user-definable inquiry screens.

Determining Available Resources

  • Available resources (i.e. drivers, equipment, crews, helpers) can be viewed in a calendar format.
  • Scheduled tasks can be easily matched to available resources and viewed or printed for a specific day, or a ten day spread.

Viewing Options

  • Seven pre-defined screens plus three additional customer-defined screens permit multiple views of scheduling requirements, including both assigned and available resources.
  • The primary dispatch screen can be tailored to fit the unique information needs of each moving company.


A few of the Operations Report options include:

  • User-defined Dispatch Report/Day Sheet
  • Preferred Date Dispatch Report
  • Scheduled Tasks Report
  • Unassigned Tasks Report
  • New/Changed Dispatch Items
  • Unscheduled Tasks Report


  • Complete dispatch history is maintained and accessible through the VanS Order Entry system.
  • Fully integrated with other VanS applications including Order Processing, Forms Designer, Driver Processing and Application Manager.


The VanS Payroll system effectively manages the entire payroll process. It allows control to stay inside the company by having all payroll information accessible and secure.


  • Define multiple divisions and departments for processing and reporting.
  • Provide multiple earnings and deduction categories for special types of pay and deductions.
  • Handle flexible benefits (cafeteria) and company sponsored pension plans (401K).
  • Supports companies with employees in multiple states.

Check Processing

  • Calculate pay and standard deductions automatically.
  • Enter labor against jobs for Labor Distribution reporting.
  • Calculate all applicable taxes automatically.
  • User-definable check format.
  • Print the Payroll Register to detail pay, taxes, deductions, and net check amount.
  • Other reports include: Deductions Register, Detail Tax Register, Labor Distribution and Check History report.


  • Update labor costs automatically to the VanS Job Cost system.
  • Update all postings to the General Ledger system automatically.

Tax Compliance

  • Compute taxes for different federal, state and city tax authorities.
  • Change tax parameters without programming knowledge.
  • Report weeks worked for states requiring it.
  • Print quarterly reports for tax filing.
  • User-definable W2 forms.
  • Report W2’s on magnetic media.
  • Manage and control workman’s compensation premiums automatically through the Workers Compensation set up and reporting.


  • Payroll history screens and pay information cannot be accessed unless the operator uses a high security sign-on and password.
  • Set up limited security for users to enter hours.
  • Users with limited security cannot view pay rates and pay history.

Sales Processing

The VanS Sales Processing application tracks sales by type of move, salesperson and national account. This allows the user to evaluate current & historical sales trends as well as calculate commissions.


  • Customize the system by defining move types, revenue categories, commission rates, cutoffs, and bonus awards.
  • Specify commission percentages for each salesperson based on cutoff levels.

Sales Reporting

  • Track the productivity of salespeople.
  • Include detailed information for each order, along with month-to-date and year-to-date sales figures.
  • Compare prior year sales to current year revenue figures on the Month-End Sales Report.
  • Assist in monitoring national account activity with the National Account Sales Analysis Report.
  • Provide national account sales figures by type of move.


  • Calculate sales commissions automatically at month-end.
  • Assign unique commission structures by salesperson for each type of move and revenue type.
  • Calculate commissions based upon monthly or annual sales volume with tiered commissions. Issue bonuses for attaining defined quotas.
  • Print the Sales Commission Statements showing the detail of every booked shipment and the percentage due to the salesperson on each type of service.
  • Optionally pay commission only if the customer has paid their bill in full.


The VanS SalesTrak System allows immediate response to sales leads by monitoring conversations with prospects, and generating the necessary follow-up letters and internal documents. When the move is confirmed, prospect information is automatically transferred into VanS Order Entry. The system can also be used to monitor national accounts, coordinate direct mail campaigns, etc.

Entry and Inquiry

  • Set initial survey appointments by viewing the sales staff availability on the Sales Appointment Screen.
  • Show scheduled calls for any 1-2 week range to gain a long-term ‘snapshot’ of commitments.
  • Find an existing prospect by name, phone number, appointment date, or next contact date.
  • Provide security by allowing salespeople to only access their customers.


  • Design additional forms and screens with the VanS Forms Designer module.
  • Update prospects from SalesTrak to Order Entry by assigning the registration number.
  • Generate management reports such as Closing Ratios, Lead Analysis, Lost Prospects, etc.
  • Download survey information to hand-held estimating devices.
  • Upload estimates from hand-held devices to SalesTrak.

Sales Features

  • Automatically determine the next contact date for each prospect, based on a user-defined frequency.
  • Generate a contact list at any time to show which contacts should be made each day, along with names, titles, and any special comments noted in past conversations.
  • Record all conversations with the Prospect Memo System. Each memo is stamped with the entry date and time.
  • Create memos automatically when letters are printed or when the move is updated to Order Entry, providing a complete history of the lead.
  • Generate a memo automatically when the appointment date is changed.


  • An extensive form letter printing system is included with SalesTrak.
  • Prepare mass mailings of specific letters to selected groups of prospects with the Prospect Selection program.
  • Select specific information for a group of prospects by state, zip code, source of lead, type of move, or any field within the SalesTrak System.

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