A multi-module management system designed by DeFNiC Software and Consulting for commercial & service companies.

About Dispatched

Dispatched is dispatching software that includes scheduling, work order entry, detailed customer information, QuickBooks integration, and more. Dispatched is dispatching software written by the service industry for the service industry. If your company has service personnel in the field, Dispatched was designed for you. Dispatched features drag and drop functionality with easy to use interactive capabilities allowing the entire office to communicate.

Some Specific Features of Dispatched Include:

  • Detailed Map showing location of all work orders, crews, and job status.
  • Simple to use scheduling calendar featuring daily and weekly views.
  • Find and Search capabilities allowing users to search for information, even if it is only partial information.
  • Real time mobile capabilities allowing field technicians to receive work orders, fill out work orders using QuickBooks items, total an invoice, print out a receipt, collect payments, and send all information back to the office while in the field, in real time!
  • Highly customizable views allow for multiple dispatchers, multiple companies, and multiple locations.
  • Notification of office personnel regarding work order status or high priority customers and more.

Dispatched allows business owners and managers to know where their business is at any time. In short, Dispatched allows you to Know Your Business.

Dispatched Mobile Module

An add on module to our dispatch software allowing for work orders to be sent to and from field technicians or field personnel. Offers true real time mobile dispatching software. Truly an essential add on module for companies seeking to make their workforce mobile and the office paperless. Includes:

  • Send and Receive All Work Order Information to and from Field Technicians or Field Personnel
  • Eliminate Double Entry of any Information
  • Track Work Order Status in Real Time
  • Track Field Technician Location on a Detailed Map in Real Time
  • Track Field Technician Time Spent on Job
  • Field Technician Receives Detailed Map of Work Order Location
  • Map a Technician Route with Drive Time, Mileage, and Turn by Turn Directions
  • Drag and Drop Feature for Dispatching Work Orders
  • View Multiple Technicians Assigned Work Orders from Central Screen
  • Low Cost Alternative to GPS Tracking
  • Works with Many Mobile Devices
  • Customer Receipt Printing in the Field with Signature Capture

Dispatched Quickbooks Module

An add on module to our dispatch software allowing for accounting integration with Quickbooks. Allows work orders, customers, payments, etc. to be sent to and from Quickbooks with one click of the mouse. Includes:

  • Invoice Multiple Work Orders with One Click of the Mouse
  • Receive Payments and Make Deposits Without Double Entry
  • Invoice in the Field, Receive Payments in the Field, Print out Customer Receipt in the Field
  • Attach Inventory Parts Used By Field Technician
  • Automatically Update Inventory
  • Accurately Calculate Tax, Invoice Total, and Inventory Items Directly in the Field
  • Import and Export Customer Information

Dispatched Vers. 2.1

Our core product allowing entry of work orders in two formats, service orders and new installs. Tracks all work orders on a detailed map. Tracks all service technicians, field technicians, or field personnel locations on a detailed map. Simple and easy to use data entry allows for comprehensive solutions. Includes:

  • Detailed Customer Information
  • Exact Geographic Location of Every Work Order
  • Tracks Service Vehicle Location
  • Dispatch Multiple Locations from a Single Office
  • Allows for Multiple Dispatchers
  • Notify Key Personnel of Important Work Orders
  • Detailed Security Log and Password Protection
  • Multiple Map Views
  • Enhanced Find and Search Capabilities
  • Create Searchable Reports
  • View Work Order History on the Fly
  • Export Customer Lists for Mailing Lists or Sales Promotions
  • Customize View by Location, Work Order Type, Scheduled Date, In Progress, Etc.
  • Daily and Weekly View for Scheduling Calendar
  • Track Callbacks and In Warranty Work Orders
  • Detailed Reports By Customer, Location, Employee, etc.
  • Allocate Work Orders by Type and Priority
  • Convert Work Order Type with Single Mouse Click
  • Unlimited Work Order and Customer Records
  • Detailed Searching Capabilities with Interactive Reports

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