Dispatch Direct

A work order application designed by Dispatch Direct, LLC.

About Dispatch Direct

Dispatch Direct is state of the art service dispatch software designed to manage the dispatching of personnel and resources. With Dispatch Direct, the touch of a button will give you all the information you need to manage your daily service calls, including the location of your service people, appointment schedules, length of time spent at each call and project status.

Dispatch Direct Is a Software Package Designed by Dispatch Direct, LLC. That Features:

Easy to Use Interface

  • One-Click access to key information
  • When taking a service call, user can search for existing customers by Name, Address or Phone No.
  • New Customers can be added on the fly
  • User has access to equipment at the customer site and service call history directly from the service call

Flexible Security

  • Access to information determined by what Group an employee belongs to (Administrator, Manager, Dispatcher, Sales…)
  • Access can be fine tuned to allow for ability to View,Edit,Add New, Delete

Flexible Structure

  • Service Calls may have multiple Site visits. Multiple technicians can be assigned to a Site Visit
  • Customer records can have more than one location associated

Flexible Structure

  • Service Calls may have multiple Site visits. Multiple technicians can be assigned to a Site Visit
  • Customer records can have more than one location associated

Dispatch Board

The Dispatch Board gives the ability to view at a glance what service calls a technician has been assigned to. Different colors indicate the status of the call (Finished, Current, Scheduled). Unassigned service calls can be quickly assigned to a technician by drag and drop. Dispatch Board is interactive, allowing users to quickly view call detail by double-clicking on the call on the board.


Interface Allows for Quick Access to Analysis of Information, Examples:

  • Average length of site visit per technician
  • Average number of site visits per day New analysis reports can be quickly added.


Street Level maps are included with the application. These are used to

  • Show technician locations
  • Show locations of service calls
  • Show customer/employee locations


Easy to use alpha-numeric paging is included. This is integrated with the Dispatching to allow quick paging of technicians with Service call information.


Application includes scheduling capabilities. Days when Technicians will not be available (due to sickness, vacation, etc.) can be recorded. This will show on the dispatch board and prevent user from assigning calls to technicians who will not be available.

Dispatch Direct links with several popular accounting packages making it easy for you to invoice and maintain a consistent customer and inventory file within your organization. Dispatch Direct links with the following accounting packages:

  • Quick Books
  • ContrAcct Job Cost Accounting System
  • Navision Financials
  • Great Plains Accounting
  • Peachtree
  • Others upon request

Mobile Solutions

Dispatch Direct, dispatch software for the management of service personnel and resources, has taken their popular software application and gone mobile! The DDMobile application is sized to fit on a Pocket PC screen. Technicians can run the application by connecting to the Internet (either through a wired or wireless modem) and connecting to a Terminal Server or Citrix Server located in the office.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Application files are located on an office server so installs and updates to the application are done in one place
  • Application runs in real time
  • Updates made on Pocket PC’s are saved directly to main database
  • Detailed information is available at your Technicians fingertips without having to download large amounts of data over the small bandwidth of wireless connections
  • Application can be run on any PC with an Internet connection. This provides an easy backup solution for technicians in case of equipment loss or failure

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