FreightMaster AMS

A software system designed by Next Generation Logistics.

About FreightMaster AMS

Directly interfaced with our TMS System, FreightMaster AMS allows users to schedule inbound and outbound appointments with the ease of ýdrag and dropý onto a Microsoft Outlook® type calendar.

The user simply clicks on the load that needs an appointment and ýdragsý that load to the desired date and time slot. All the information related to the load automatically displays on the screen and the user can assign the load to a specific dock type (i.e. frozen, cooler, dry) which are color enabled for ease of use.

A color coded calendar display visually shows the user which days are open, reaching capacity, or fully booked. Capacities can be set by a range of days or specific days of the week. Users can also set alert messages to notify parties as to the status of the shipment.

Behind the scenes, the system automatically checks for compliance to pre-specified appointment rules and displays these messages to the user for action.

FreightMaster AMS" runs as an add-on module to FreightMaster TMS" with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows 2000, 2003 or XP. It is available for local and wide area networks on Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 as well as desktop versions for single users or server versions for multiple users. The database manager is Microsoft’s SQL 2005 Server.

Core System Features

  • Time Increment Set the display of the schedule to any factor of 60.
  • Events There are numerous ýBefore XXXý and ýAfter XXXý events. These allow you to know when an action is pending and when that action is complete. For example the Before Appointment Remove and After Appointment Remove.
  • Colors and Transparency The colors of the header and grid are configurable as well as those for each appointment. Appointments also may be partially transparent.
  • Dialogs There are numerous build-in dialog screens. The most commonly used is the appointment property dialog. Additionally, there are configuration dialogs for the various collections for rooms, categories, and providers. They allow you to have an easy to use configuration screen if you do not wish to build your own.
  • No Drop Areas Define areas that do not allow appointments. A No Drop Area will not allow the user to create or edit appointments in their defined area.
  • Import/Export Appointments may be exported to/from XML files or the international standard vCalendar format. This allows you to export your data to MS-Outlook of other vCalendar applications.
  • View Mode This property allows you to display your appointment data in a multitude of ways.
  • Schedule Properties This component may be used to allow appointment edits. The default appointment property dialog wraps this component and it fine for most developers. However this component is exposed as public for those who wish to build their own edit screen.
  • Recurrent Appointments Appointments may be used to create a recurrence pattern. This pattern will create a number of appointments that match the pattern. An example is an appointment that occurs each Monday for 3 months.
  • Multi-day Appointments You may now create appointments that cross day boundaries. They may start on one day and stretch for any number of days.
  • Appointment Icons Each appointment has a collection of icons. You may add graphics to this collection and each will be displayed on the left margin of the appointment.
  • The ýAppleý look-and-feel Each appointment may be configured in many different ways. A stylish look is the one presented by the iCal application. Appointments are round with a header and transparent background.
  • Appointment Events Each appointment has numerous events. Events are raised some time before an appointment as a reminder. Also one is raised at an appointment’s start. Also applications may be executed when an appointment is due. There is also a built-in alarm dialog that looks like the one presented by MS-Outlook.
  • Print/Preview The schedule has built-in functionality for printing and previewing of the schedule graphic.
  • Enhanced Graphic Displays Customize the schedule in numerous ways.
  • Searching The schedule provides advanced searching techniques includes defining subsets and merging sets of data.

Product Overview

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