FreightMaster TMS

A software system designed by Next Generation Logistics.

About FreightMaster TMS

FreightMaster TMS allows users to assign carriers to traffic lanes so that loads are tendered and priced to selected carriers automatically. In addition it handles consolidated loads and pool trucks, arranging multiple stops in the optimal sequence as well as coordinating inbound and outbound routings.

The system provides automated costing by freight type and traffic lane and maintains an analysis of inbound and outbound traffic for benchmarking purposes. It also manages carrier pickup and delivery appointments and collects claims data for automated claim filing.

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Core System Features

The core features of FreightMaster TMS include:

Multi Company/Division Level Security:

  • Windows 2003® Server Active Directory Authentication
  • Unlimited Company and Division Level Restrictions
  • User Level Within Company Restrictions
  • Screen, Procedure and Report Level Restrictions Within Company
  • User Update Logging and Tracking
  • Field Level On Line Help Screens That Are User Definable and Enforced Company Wide

Multi Company/Division Level Load Building & Optimization:

  • Default Carrier Assignment By Traffic Lane
  • Consolidation/Pool Truck Stop Optimization
  • Order Route Building and Stop Optimization
  • Integrated Inbound & Outbound Routing Optimization
  • Automated SKU & Lot Level Load Cost Allocation System

Multi Company/Division Level ýBusiness Rulesý Processing:

  • Automated Download of Orders Interface With Your Main Computer System
  • Split Truck and Pallet Capacity Optimization.
  • ýSilentý Carrier Selection and Automated Dispatching of loads to Carriers
  • User ýClickableý Data Dictionary Fields To Select Objects For Automatic Updates From Main Computer System
  • Fields To Maintain new U.S. Government ýKnown Shipperý Rules and Regulations
  • Automated Costing and Freight Type Processing by Traffic Lane
  • Freight Rate Benchmarking by Origin & Destination
  • Consolidations & Multiple Pro Number Support
  • Automated Review of FOB Origin, FOB Destination, Backhauls and Orders Not Managed
  • Maintains Analysis of Inbound & Outbound Traffic Lanes for Benchmarking Purposes
  • Carrier Appointment Management System
  • Full Freight Claims Management & Forms Submission System
  • Multi Currency By Traffic Lane

Multi Company/Division Level Customer Contract Freight and Carrier Tariff Costing Rules:

  • Multiple Inbound & Outbound Carrier Tariffs by Temp Type
  • Multiple Inbound & Outbound Customer Tariffs by Temp Type

Multi Company/Division Level Reporting System:

  • Full Set Of 150+ Standard SQL Reporting Services
  • Ad Hoc User Report Creation Using SQL Reporting Services
  • Print Reports To E-Mail and Send Them Via Internet
  • Full SQL Database Dictionary
  • Pick Up & Delivery Allowance Tracking
  • Commission & Rebate ýSavingsý Calculation
  • Carrier Multiple Stop Calculation of Charges to SKU Level
  • PO’s by Buyer with Contribution Reports
  • Carrier On Time Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Customer On Time Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Carrier ýDropped Loadsý Tracking & Reporting

Internet Collaboration Portals:

  • Automated Carrier ýBidý Management System (NEXTStop")
    • Carrier Reviews All Traffic Lanes On Internet
    • Carrier Selects Desirable Traffic Lanes To Bid on
    • Carrier Submits Bid by Mile, Weight, Pallet, Flat or Cube
    • System Automatically Updates Company Traffic Lane With New Carrier Bid
    • User and Carrier Are Automatically Notified of Updates and Receive Copy of Bid
  • Automated ýSilentý Load Tendering via the Web Portal (NEXTrack")
    • Carrier Time Defined (Accept/Reject) via the Web Portal
    • Carrier and User Alert and Notification Module
    • Automated Load Tracking, Tracing and Reporting System Can Be Interfaced To Your Web Site
    • Automated Interface To Internet Load & Truck Posting Services

DOE Interfaced Fuel Surcharge Management:

  • Automated Carrier Fuel Surcharge Setup Using DOE Fuel Costing
  • Automated ýMass Updateý of All Outstanding Carrier Orders Based on DOE Rates and Carrier Fuel Matrix
  • Automated Maintenance of Historical Fuel Surcharge By Carrier

Comprehensive Accounting & Accrual Functions:

  • Company Level Freight Accruals by SKU
  • Company Level Sales Budgeting and COGS Tracking and Revenue Tracking
  • Account Level Accounting with P & L Support with General Ledger
  • Account Level Budgeting by Month, Actual vs. Standard
  • A/R by Customer, A/P by Carrier & Commissions Payable By Salesman
  • Customer Info Detail This Year, Last Year, Credit Limits, Duns Number, SIC, etc. * E-Mail Invoicing Capability By Customer

Freight Bill Auditing & Payment System:

  • Traffic Lane and Carrier Specific Rate Structure
  • Hi - Low Payment Tolerances Can Be Set By Traffic Lane and Carrier
  • Exception Reporting By Batch Processing of Carrier Freight Bills
    • By Hi - Lo Dollars
    • By Hi - Lo Percentage of Expected Cost
  • Automated ýApproval & Authorizedý For Payment of Invoices That Meet Tolerances

Comprehensive User & Technical Support:

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support Programs Available
  • Comprehensive Web Base Technical Support
    • Knowledge Database
    • Enhancement Submission Request Database
    • Automated Enhancement Request Submission
  • Guaranteed Application Upgrade Programs

Multiple Operating Systems Supported:

  • Operating Systems - Windows Server 2003®
  • Thin client WAN (Wide Area Network) via VPN compatible with Terminal Services & Citrix® Metaframe
  • SQL2005 Desktop Version - Powerful database for single user environments
  • SQL2005 Server Version - For higher transaction, multi user environments now with Unlimited Seat Licensing!

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