ViewPoint Logistics

A 3PL Management Suite designed by MAVES.

About ViewPoint Logistics

ViewPoint Logistics is an integrated 3PL management suite providing real-time management with powerful tools.

MAVES builds advanced 3PL software for logistics companies who handle the warehousing and transportation requirements of multiple clients. The flagship offering ViewPoint Logistics enables the 3PL service provider to manage their operations in real time using simple, powerful tools that will improve the agility and profitability of their business.

ViewPoint Logistics represents MAVES’ all-in-one 3PL solutions bundle for managing the storage, handling, and distribution of material in the supply chain. VL’s browser-based workspace encompasses the full spectrum of logistics tools, setting new standards in flexibility, usability, visibility and value.

This fully-integrated suite comprises a Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), 3PL-centric billing and financials (FMS), secure customer access portal (MyLogistics) and collaborative business intelligence tools. Standard functionality includes support for RF, EDI and XML communications, cross docking, assembly/disassembly, hazardous materials (HAZMAT), foreign trade zones (FTZ), as well as the bonding and excise/taxation reporting requirements associated with beer, wine, spirits and other regulated commodities.

Electronic Document Handling

The ViewPoint Logistics e-Docs feature is a single source solution for handling the creation, distribution, archiving, and retrieval of system generated electronic documents.

Electronic Document Interchange

A built-in communications manager provides the ability to interact with major Value Added Networks as well as host-to-host. The system manages user-defined schedules for sending/receiving data and logs each communication session. We handle proprietary message formats as well as standard transaction sets.

Financial Management System

Comprehensive financial layer (third party billing, rate calculation, GL, AR, AP, & more) functioning throughout the ViewPoint Logistics system designed to serve the unique requirements of the multi-client 3PL.

MyLogistics: Client Portal

Extends the power of ViewPoint Logistics to the 3PL client so they can review stock levels, track inbound and outbound orders, and generate reports based on this information. With our client portal, not only do they see all their data over the web, they can use the same VL analytic tools to optimize inventories, reduce costs, and satisfy their own customer service objectives.

Radio Frequency Support

Compatible with nearly every handheld technology, ViewPoint Logistics provides a complete WMS solution that is able to employ wireless access to its fullest capabilities.

Transportation Management System

Multi-carrier shipment & dispatch Transportation Management System that supports fleet, brokerage, & freight consolidation and tightly-integrates into the WMS for resource optimization tracking, & analysis.

Warehouse Management System

Inbound/receiving, outbound/shipping along with inventory control. Warehouse Management System (with RF and EDI) designed to maximize operational efficiency, control logistics costs, and improve overall customer service.

Product Overview

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