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About Navotar

Who Needs Navotar?

Navotar is the car rental management software of choice for car rental companies, limousine rental services, RV rental services, and corporate vehicle fleet management.

Rental Companies

Navotar is made for your business. Our package is simple and easy-to-use, reducing your training costs right out of the box. Our one-screen checkout process is tailor-made for businesses and customers that don’t have a lot of time to flip screens while checking out.

We have analyzed the top industry competitors and removed unnecessary components which do nothing for your business and cost you extra. The only things missing from our package is expensive functionality built-in for larger corporation which does nothing for you, high learning curves, and features that the local car rental business does not require.

Navotar is also the first to offer driver’s license verification within our software, eliminating uncomfortable phone calls in front of your customer and extra screens in the checkout process.

Limousine Rental Services

Tired of using a software solution for your limousine rental service that doesn’t quite fill the bill? Navotar’s ability to adapt to the needs of your business will surprise you.

Trailer, Bus, and RV Rental Services

Recreational vehicles such as trailers, buses, and campers are tough to manage with standard fleet management software due to the high level of customization required. Personalize your business with our customizable and easy to use software package.


Navotar is purpose-built for the independent car rental company. We know you don’t have the same requirements as a franchise, so Navotar doesn’t treat you like one. We know that you don’t need all the bells and whistles, so we’ve scaled down the software and the price to match your business.

Navotar is also the first to offer license verification directly from the software, protecting your business from what most rental car companies consider standard business risks. Navotar has just changed the standard.

Navotar features all of the standard benefits that you would expect in rental car software, including the ability to present a bill to both the customer and their insurance company simultaneously, ease of use, and financial reporting features. We also offer the following added benefits for independent car rental companies:

Quick Checkout Process

It takes you one screen to complete a car order, one more if you choose to perform license verification with the proper governmental agency. A great feature when all of your customers are always in a hurry.

Different User Levels and Permissions

Owner, Manager, and Employee levels of access give you total control over setting your rates, applying discounts, and making sure that money doesn’t leak out of your operation.

License Verification

One of the greatest fears a car rental company owner has is that someone is presenting them with a fake or suspended license. This fear is justified; one in ten drivers have an invalid license.

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