Paradigm Transportation Suite (PTS)

A multi-module management system designed by Paradigm Technology Consulting for transportation companies.

About Paradigm Transportation Suite (PTS)

PTS captures all the data recorded by drivers on charter, contract or internal trips including accounting of driver advances and expenses, fuel purchases by state, daily mileage by state and type of travel and payroll information.

  • PTS utilizes a robust Crystal Reporting engine and Microsoft Reporting Services to produce powerful reports with user-defined search criteria
  • Compile data for effortless IFTA Reporting
  • Manage on-site fuel tank and pump meter readings
  • Capture payroll data and incurred expenses through trip completion enabling client charge-backs

PTS is fully developed in Microsoft .NET and utilizes the Crystal Reporting Engine and Microsoft Reporting Services.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) module includes a robust Crystal Reporting engine with the ability to create user-defined parameters for existing reports on the fly without accessing the Crystal Report Designer to modify parameters or the need to create additional reports. In addition, flash reports are available that allow the user to drill-down to relevant detail. Reporting includes common industry key performance indicators and management reporting utilizing data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, Paradigm Transportation Suite, and Distinctive Systems Ltd. Charter Booking System (CBS) and Vehicle Maintenance System (VMS) applications. PTS offers standard reporting for Drivers, Advances and Expenses, Payroll and Vehicle Mileage by Vehicle or State. Other reports include vehicle usage and availability, and revenue-based reports such as revenue per day, mile, vehicle and client. There is also a Daily Business Report that presents revenue earned based on completed movements and analysis of monies received. CBS Charter Profit & Loss presents an analysis of revenue and expenses by charter/line-run movement.

Driver Accounting & Trip Reporting

The Driver Accounting & Trip Reporting (DATR) module focuses on driver accounting from advance management through trip completion including expenses incurred and payroll data capture; mileage recorded for reporting with IFTA; and the capacity to manage and extract data to integrate to in-house payroll systems or payroll services. The Driver Accounting & Trip Reporting module offers the ability to generate data sources for general ledger, accounts payable and payroll information. A seamless link to the Distinctive Systems CBS system offers the capacity to track all costs incurred in a movement and the ability to charge-back expenses to clients at a pre-defined billing rate or the ability to markup by percentage. Another seamless link to Distinctive Systems VMS is available to update vehicle odometer readings which trigger scheduled vehicle maintenance. The Driver Accounting & Trip Reporting module includes many standard reports and the ability to add your own by leveraging the Crystal Reporting engine. Track true profitability by movement with the Driver Accounting & Trip Reporting module.

Fuel Tank & Pump Management

The Fuel Tank & Pump Management module provides the ability to manage on-site tank capacity, and reconcile each tank per shift to monitor for fuel loss or leakage. Transactions include tank stick readings, tank deliveries, pump meter readings, and vehicle usage per pump, including vehicle fluid usage during re-fueling. The Fuel Tank & Pump Management module also leverages the Crystal Reporting engine and includes many standard reports with the ability to add your own.

Rate Management

The PTS Rate Management (RM) module easily creates employee pay rate schedules which allows for pay rates to be specified and grouped by Contract, Booking Type or Employee Type. A structure can be setup to specify pay rates based on length of service along with range of time for which the pay rate is effective. PTS RM will automatically roll-down the current pay rates to be utilized by PTS DATR Trip Reporting and Employee Time worked.

Product Overview

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