Fleet Controller

A software system designed by Paragon Software Systems.

About Fleet Controller

If you plan optimized route schedules in order to run a low cost transportation operation, you can ensure your efficient plans are achieved in practice by tracking them in real time. Paragon Fleet Controller software provides the link between real time truck tracking and Paragon’s routing and scheduling intelligence.

This enables you to:

  • check your delivery schedules are on-plan in real time
  • be alerted to any late running issues or route deviations
  • identify recurring inefficiencies
  • give your customers updated arrival time alerts.

Fleet Controller comes with standard interfaces to many leading truck tracking systems. Real time tracking data, including GPS locations and ignition settings, is linked into the software. Fleet Controller uses its advanced matching logic to continually assess each truck’s location in relation to your planned schedule and update the timings for the remainder of its route.

At the end of the day, the software provides a range of fleet management reports and plan versus actual summaries. You can discover which routes incurred the highest excess mileage or drivers hours, and immediately debrief the driver accordingly. You can also find out which customer sites are regularly keeping your drivers waiting, causing added cost for you and late deliveries for your other customers.

Fleet Controller can be used in conjunction with any of Paragon’s transportation optimization and route management systems

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