A fleet management software system designed by Roadnet Technologies.

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Plan, Collect & Analyze Seamlessly

As a distributor, you are all too familiar with the day-to-day challenges affecting your company - consistently rising fuel costs, increasing customer service demands, driver and vehicle tracking, and improving profitability.

Effectively managing all aspects of the transportation big-picture - from planning through execution can prove to be a challenge.

The Roadnet Transportation Suite allows you to do it all - Plan, (route, load) Collect real-time data, (dispatch, GPS) and Analyze results through reporting.

Each program is completely integrated providing users with a seamless all-in-one solution.

Roadnet®, Territory Planner®, Roadnet Info Center®, MobileCast®, and Fleetloader® all share common modules and a single database. By using the industry’s most sophisticated algorithms, users are able to create optimized route and load plans faster and more intelligently. MobileCast® utilizes a powerful dispatch and GPS tracking software application, wireless networks, and support for multiple mobile devices to provide real-time route visibility for increased operational efficiency.

Roadnet Transportation Suite Provides:

  • Integrated Applications - Information is shared between modules and can be used by many individuals, streamlining installation, set-up and maintenance operations

  • Seamless Transfer of Information - Plan, route, load and dispatch using a single file, resulting in time saved by eliminating numerous import and export functions

  • Increased Resource Utilization - Make better use of existing resources by delivering more and driving less. The answer to increasing volume is not always to put more vehicles on the road, but to make smart, efficient deliveries

  • Strategic Planning and Tactical Delivery Enhancements - Take more control of routes by reducing delivery overlap and creating profitable territories and routes. Why deliver if the cost of delivery outweighs the profits? Better planning can result in more profitable deliveries

  • Control Operations Through Solid Plans - Better plans result in better outcomes-set expectations for drivers and loaders, thus saving time, money and resources. Providing a plan, an itinerary, manifest or pick sheet can increase your productivity significantly

  • Delivery Management - Provide the driver with a paper or electronic manifest to view daily stop lists, and capture arrival/departure times and delivery service times. The application also allows dispatch to send new stops or other route changes to handle route exceptions

  • Reports - You can generate a number of reports to make transportation information available to you quickly and easily. These reports can be used as is, or can be customized to fit your business needs


Our customers notice:

  • Miles, Vehicles and Overtime can be significantly reduced
  • Vehicle capacity can be better managed
  • Re-routes can take days, not months
  • Routing time can be significantly reduced
  • Customer Service can be improved
  • Loading time can be decreased

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