A software system designed by ADi Data International - SmartBOL.

About SmartBOL

Following Features Are Shared by All Versions

  • Any carrier Straight bill of lading form support
  • Plain paper printing using regular laser, inkjet or DMP printer
  • Stores Shipper, Consignee and BillTo information
  • Maintains Carrier and Product (Shipping Commodity) records
  • Prints bill of lading and PRO number barcodes on bill
  • Prepaid, Collect and Third-party billing support
  • Ability to print logo and company information on top of each bill
  • Bar-coded Plain paper, Avery type and barcode printer labels
  • Prints Shipping Manifest on plain paper
  • Saves commonly used bill of lading information in default template
  • Makes new bill using default template or an existing bill
  • Automatically assigns bill of lading
  • Automatic PRO number generation for:
    • Yellow Transport
    • Roadway Express
    • Estes Express
    • Saves bill of lading form as PDF
    • Email bill of lading/s as PDF attachment from within the application
  • Imports Addresses, Products and Carriers from text files
  • Runs bill of lading reports
  • Saves report in Excel format
  • SmartBOL Basic Network Version Adds:
    • Share bill of lading information between up to five machines at one location

SmartBOL Classic Version Has All Features of Basic Version And:

  • Bill of lading Consolidation
  • VICS bill of lading support - three formats
  • Two Wal-Mart Bill of Lading formats
  • 17 digit unique bill of lading number
  • Pre-printed format support
  • Wal-Mart Shipping label
  • User level authentication and privilege management
  • Ability to change legal text on bill of lading forms
  • Prints multiple copies with individual tags such as Shipper, Driver
  • Automatically sends bill of lading by email upon saving
  • Email or save bill of lading. labels, manifests or reports as PDF
  • Import Shipping Commodities or Addresses from:
    • CSV files
    • ODBC data source
    • QuickBooks or Peachtree
  • Export bill of lading record to CSV/XML files
  • Export and import bill of lading record to SBL format. Other SmartBOL classic installation at the same or different location can import these records into their database.

Following Options Are Available With Classic:

  • QuickBooks interface to automate bill of lading process
  • Peachtree interface to automate bill of lading process
  • Hazardous Material (HazMat) bill of lading support
  • Retailer shipping labels
  • Network Version adds ability to share information between up to five machines at one location

SmartBOL Enterprise Version Has All Features of Classic And:

  • Network database support - SQL Server or Oracle
  • Multi location WAN / VPN client support
  • Import bill of lading record from CSV/XML files
  • Direct access to bill of lading information
  • Priority customer support
  • Following options are available in Enterprise version:
    • Hazardous Material (HazMat) bill of lading support
  • SQL Server connectivity
  • ODBC interface to automate bill of lading creation - do-it-yourself interface to integrate SmartBOL with industry standard business systems such as MAS90 / 200 / 500, AS400, Great Plains, etc. Also exports bill of lading information back to the source business system.
  • Electronic Signature capture and bill of lading storage
  • Electronic Signature capture and printing
  • Multi-warehouse with Central database

User Reviews of SmartBOL

Submitted on February 27th, 2015 by Stuart from Astro-Cooler® Products

Do not pay for customization until the work is complete.

The Good…

It pulls information from QB invoice/sales order

The Bad…

Very basic. It would be nice to have some control over the layout.