Telogis Fleet

A cloud-based fleet management solution designed by Telogis.

About Telogis Fleet

Improve operations, asset utilization, driver safety with reliable, scalable, and comprehensive GPS fleet tracking and management software from Telogis

Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while getting the same quantity of work done. Give IT and business stakeholders the right tools to be successful with GPS across the enterprise, with flexible APIs and GPS hardware options.

Whether you are tracking vehicles, high-value assets or personnel, find the perfect match for your unique business needs with Standard, Professional, or Enterprise versions of the Fleet application.


  • Fast Mapping with Spatial Clustering - Telogis Fleet provides rich and extremely detailed maps for war rooms and fast paced dispatch environments. Telogis’ spatial clustering allows fleet managers to see an entire fleet of thousands of vehicles on one screen and drill down to a single vehicle with lightning speed.

  • Supervisors who mange behind the wheel not a desk - For fleet supervisors who are frequently on the go yet need to stay in control of their crew at all times, Telogis Supervisor is the ideal solution. Designed specifically for both Android and iOS (e.g. iPhone or iPad) devices, Telogis Supervisor allows mobile managers to quickly locate and contact nearby crew or get real-time status updates for anyone in their team. It’s everything a mobile manager needs with nothing they don’t. Learn more.

  • Flexible GPS Hardware Options - Telogis is one of the only providers that offer a wireless and hardware independent platform. By remaining independent Telogis is able to provide the service of helping you select the best hardware to suit your business requirements. We’re also used to dealing with country specific networks as we’re already tracking vehicles across the globe in the U.S., Mexico, South America, Canada, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Automated Reports

Telogis Fleet offers a flexible reporting engine with a full suite of reports, ranging from very detailed to high level. Run reports by vehicle, fleet, driver or team. All are generated in an easy-to-read format that can be printed, saved or set to send automatically to one or more recipients. Most reports allow you to jump to the detailed map view in one click. You can also save your setup for one-click reporting.

Enterprise Dashboard

Telogis’ intuitive dashboard brings location intelligence to your fingertips. Fleet Managers can see exactly what is costing more than expected, while operation managers can compare productivity by division or region. Ideal for large fleets, the Enterprise Dashboard is the central hub that brings clarity to massive amounts of location data.

The Enterprise Dashboard is configurable by industry and includes KPIs that monitor fleet and operational performance, such as on-time/late arrivals, idling time, speeding, maintenance alerts, and more.

Fuel Card Reconciliation

Another feature pioneered by Telogis, this has the potential to save your fleet thousands of dollars in misappropriated funds.

Powerful, yet flexible, reporting options allow you to easily identify suspicious transactions or unauthorized use of fuel cards (such as FLEETCOR). Other benefits include fuel card spending controls, fuel discounts and consumption irregularities.

Group Tracking

View an entire crew’s activities at a glance with current and historical data. The data is color-coded to show which vehicles are congregating and when, as well as key events such as incidents of speeding.

InSight Alerts and Driver Scorecards

Telogis Fleet helps you gain valuable business insight with its real-time alerting and exception engine, InSight Alerts. It allows you to enter business rules and receive notifications of violations so you can control your business without spending a lot of time poring over reports or clicking on maps. Set up InSight Alerts" for vehicle, fleet, driver or teams and be notified only when exceptions to your defined rules occur. InSight Alerts" can be defined on: vehicle idle time, hard braking, hard swerving, fuel & oil level, engine data, speeding against posted speed limit, maintenance and much more.

Role-Based Hierarchy

Whether you’re the CEO, Operations Manager, Risk Manager, Dispatcher, IT Manager or have some other role within your company Telogis Fleet delivers customized views using a single, common data repository. Based on a user’s settings, the system provides up-to-the-minute information. Highly configurable, Telogis Fleet allows you to quickly get the information relevant to you.

Weather and Traffic

View real-time weather data such as hurricane paths or rain storms and plan your vehicle routing and worker deployment accordingly. Ideal for industries required to mobilize in extreme weather or coordinate field workers during storms.

Dynamic traffic information means dispatch can factor road congestion into choosing which drivers to send and how to route them efficiently.

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