A full ERP system designed by TAG for construction companies.

About Contractor V

Contractor V is a financial management solution designed for construction companies of all sizes. It is ideal for the contractor who is looking for an entry level product. Contractor V is a product that combines years of contruction experience, customer feedback, software inovation, and product refinements. We know how the construction industry works and we have developed software that streamlines your business functions. The design is user friendly. The learning curve is easy. In addition TAG offers exceptional experienced software, hardware and accounting support or consulting!

The core modules include General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll including Union Payroll and Certified Payroll, Job Costing including Change Orders, Subcontract Management, and Reporting in every module.

Add-on modules include Purchase Orders, and Equipment Costing. Contractor V also interfaces with the web based certified payroll compliance programs LCP Tracker and eMars. Do you print your own checks from blank paper? Contractor V will work with the Certex Certichex check writing software. In fact because we are the developer of Contractor V if you have a need or a problem the Contractor V development team will have a solution for you!

Accounts Payable

  • Provides invoice history listing by job, vendor, or subcontractor for any time period.
  • Invoices can be distributed over multiple jobs and job phases
  • Tracks licensing & insurance for subcontractors

Accounts Receivable

  • AIA Billing, Trade and Contract Billing formats.
  • Complete history maintained for all customers; Aged Receivables Analysis; Item Price File.

Equipment Costing

  • Maintains a file for each piece of equipment including cost detail, description, licensing, usage, and billing rates.
  • Jobs may be directly charged for each equipment usage.
  • Compares actual cost of each piece of equipment with income generated and “profit” produced.

General Ledger

  • Multiple periods open at one time.
  • Departmental & Divisional Budgeting Analysis including Monthly, Quarterly, Year-to-Date Comparative Statements with Budget vs. Actual Variance and Percent Variance.

Job Costing With Change Orders

Jop Costing

  • Change Order tracking (Pending, Internal, Approved, Rejected).
  • Field Reports for Production impact to Profit Projections.
  • Bonding/W-I-P reports.
  • Tracks job specific insurance requirements with Dunning letters

Change orders - Track internal, pending, approved & rejected change orders for each job.


  • Certified Payroll to conform to Davis Bacon and Prevailing Wage requirements.
  • Multi-State Payroll, Union and Fringe Benefits Reports, EEO and new hire reporting, W-2’s, Quarterly Government Reports.
  • Direct Deposit and Electronic filing or print checks directly.
  • Multiple workers’ comp classifications.
  • Breaks-up employee comp classifications by the hour.
  • Interfaces with payroll service.

Purchase Orders

  • Interfaces with the Item Price file, allowing room for nine vendors with their standard prices.
  • Compares each line item with its budget and flags overruns.
  • Compares prices on invoices with prices on Purchase Order, and flags overbilling by vendor.

Subcontract Management

  • Allows for display or printed report of subcontractor status by job, listing original or current contract, change orders, amounts billed, retained, paid, variance, backcharges, and balance owed to date.
  • Easily handles full or partial retainage payments.
  • Effortlessly generate, manage or print subcontractor lien releases.
  • Industry-leading insurance / licensing expiration tracking & reporting

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User Reviews of Contractor V

Submitted on March 7th, 2019 by Terri from D A Whitacre Construction

Very user friendly. Simple. Support is the best.

The Good…

As a Sub-Contractor - It’s all good

The Bad…

Biggest concern is that Tag will no longer support it.