An intelligence logistics system for healthcare centers

About BlueQ

BlueQ Intelligence software by BlueBin is an analytics and medication scanning solution. BlueQ’s many applications fuse supply chain efficiency with absolute best-in-class performance metrics.

First, the Analytics provide critical information you need to make impactful decisions. Make your supply replenishment programs more efficient and reliable, regardless of the delivery method. And SmartScan provides the functionality standard ERP handhelds are missing.

BlueQ is for use with Kanban or traditional Par Cart processes.

Features of BlueQ

  • Analytics: Gain complete visibility across your hospital or IDN, integrating multiple MMIS (ERP) systems if needed, so you can manage all of your supply chain activities, standards, and overall supply chain expenses.
  • SmartScan: This application is designed to replace aged and expensive ERP handhelds with a great deal of added functionality.
  • Route Control: Additional functionality and warehouse management tools to give traditional par replenishment systems a boost.
  • Visibility: Use comprehensive views into your data through a wide variety of mediums: detail reports, dashboards, charts, graphs, heat maps, and trend lines.
  • Operational Performance: Details the operational portions of your Daily Management System. Time Management, Standard Work Audits, Voice of the Customer portal and much more!
  • Time Management: Understand how long it takes to perform the various duties the supply chain management is responsible for to drive efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Aggregate Data: Provide the benchmark information you need to better understand if your organization supply costs are in line with other healthcare organizations, as well as usage volumes, inventory holding, and much more.
  • Supplier Returns: One-step returns process.
  • Case Cart Picking: Know what is left and/or needs to be removed from the various carts.
  • Secure, Cloud-based: BlueQ Intelligence is delivered to you securely online via your own custom web page utilizing AWS hosting services.

Product Overview

User Reviews of BlueQ

Submitted on April 3rd, 2020 by a BlueQ user from Children's National Health System

We replaced our PeopleSoft handhelds with BlueQ SmartScan. It has improved our order entry and receiving processes dramatically!