A clinical spend management platform to manage hospital supply chains

About Curvo

Curvo is a spend management system for hospital supply chains. This cloud-based platform helps hospitals and healthcare providers track purchase history data in order to find saving opportunities.

Automate and modernize your hospital’s supply chain with this revolutionary clinical spend management system. As a cloud-based platform, Curvo makes it faster and easier than ever for hospitals to organize data, identify opportunities, run sourcing projects, and capture supply chain savings.

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Curvo Features

  • Automate manual work: Automate your sourcing process. Curvo eliminates the manual work of pulling data, cross-referencing and head to head negotiations. Get to more. Faster.
  • Source more efficiently: Curvo gives you control of your own sourcing process. Why go through a big 6-9 month bid process and then wait two years to do it all over again? Plus those shared savings fees and expensive consultants. Nah.
  • Save more money: Clinical Spend is one of your biggest opportunities. Curvo gives you the tools to shorten long contracting cycles and get to more of your delayed and missed sourcing projects.
  • GPO-Agnostic and vendor approved: Open to all vendors and suppliers, who pay nothing to participate.
  • 100%+ ROI with minimal effort: The majority of Curvo customers gain more than 100% ROI in just a few months.

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User Reviews of Curvo

Submitted on April 2nd, 2020 by Leslie Flick

Curvo allows me to extract an analysis of my spend very quickly.

Submitted on April 2nd, 2020 by Debbie Schmidt

Curvo is proactive in identifying price trends … Now I ALWAYS have ideas to share with surgeons.

Submitted on April 2nd, 2020 by Alan Weintraub

It’s so self-operating, you don’t need a whole IT team and a bunch of supply chain people.