PAR Excellence Supply Chain Solutions

About PAR Excellence Supply Chain Solutions

PAR Excellence is a healthcare supply chain platform designed for easier logistics management. There are several aspects of the platform which offer different benefits to the supply chain:

  • PAR Bins: weight-based inventory management solution uses precision scales to provide continuous inventory awareness
  • PAR Bar: supports multiple bins, delivering scalable, cost-effective inventory automation for any storage location or department
  • PAR Vision: keeps the pulse of inventory across facilities in real time for better purchasing and stocking decisions and lower costs

PAR technology continuously shows what clinicians are using, how much you need to restock or reorder, and how much product you should keep on hand to minimize costs, overstock, shortage and expiration.

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Features of PAR Excellence

  • FULLY AUTOMATED: No manual counting. No caregiver delays. The PAR Excellence solution for inventory control allows you to fully automate supply tracking.
  • VERSATILE: PAR Excellence inventory control solutions go wherever you need them - from supply closets and nursing stations to ORs and procedural suites.
  • APPLICABLE EVERYWHERE: Put PAR Excellence tools to work controlling sutures, scrubs, pharmaceuticals and a range of other specialty supplies.
  • ENGINEERED TO LAST: We know you’re short on time and resources. That’s why PAR Excellence solutions are designed and built for trouble-free operation.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Site-wide or in a single new room, PAR Excellence solutions are easy to install and easy for both supply technicians and caregivers to use.

User Reviews of PAR Excellence Supply Chain Solutions

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