Health360 - eMedical System

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A complete medical software for hospitals, clinics, health care and pharmacies.

About Health360 - eMedical System

Modernization in the healthcare industry will be the major focus in recent years in order to provide high-quality patient care instantly. Taking all the activities into an automated platform is one of the options to cope up with the patient demands and meet the modernization needs perfectly. Getting a well-crafted medical informatics tech-based solution is an ultimate requirement for all the healthcare units like public, private hospitals, multi-specialty hospitals, etc.

Health360 - eMedical System provides a well-packed healthcare management platform that suits perfectly all healthcare management activities smartly. Right from managing the in-out patient details to the stock analysis, a Healthcare Management System (HMS) from Health360 - eMS plays a tech-assistant role for each professional.

The creation of HMS via the latest tech-stack and the inclusion of impressive options by Health360 - eMS allows healthcare professionals to perform various activities smartly. Besides it is the hospital management platform, the extension of services into various domains like doctor/nurse booking, in-hospital service management, secure patient data maintenance, and revenue management.

One of the honorable mentions from health360 - eMS is the specially designed vaccination module with adaptive options. Tracking the vaccination doses, stock-analysis, database maintenance for the detailed reports regarding vaccination, and the generation of alerts all happen in a highly synchronous way with the help of that module. This speeds up the global immunization against the Covid-19.

Health360 - eMedical System Features

  • Hospital Management
  • Patient Management
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vaccination Management

Health360 - eMedical System Pricing

The cost of Health360 - eMedical System starts at $25,000/one-time. There is a free trial available. There is no free version available.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Health360 - eMedical System

Submitted on March 1st, 2021 by Anonymous

With the dependency on the tech-platform, the healthcare sectors have undergone several revolutions. The product I got from this team is well-creative and technically strong. The workflows are very well optimized with the most advanced features like remote consultation, contactless payment, immediate locating of medicine stores and clinics.

The Good…

Due to its dependency on the latest technology, the quick management of the workflows in patient handling is achievable.

Separate interfaces for the stakeholders create a better synchronization among them and speed up the activities.

The team members are very collaborative while developing the software. They communicated regarding each stage of the app development.

The Bad…

Initially, the software is delayed during the integration process and now it is getting improved. The response time for the database update is longer.