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A inventory application designed by EZ Web Enterprises, Inc.

About EZ OfficeInventory


Bring clarity and accuracy to your management. Ensure up to date information on active assets, their assignments and their particulars. Don’t let your inventory management be an obscure science.


Details of each asset in the inventory is accessible from anywhere, any place and any time. Enable your employees to hit the road running on being assigned an asset.

Track specifics and particulars via customization of asset attributes while also ensuring any information pertinent to an asset is easily searchable and up-dateable.

Ease of Use

Usability is a cornerstone of EZOfficeInventory. Through the use of QR Codes as asset tags, have asset details at your fingertips just by scanning the QR Code via a smartphone.

QR Codes can be scanned by a number of free QR Code scanning software available on most platforms including iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, etc.


Ensure all inventory assets are accounted for. The ability to track and trace assets for compliance purposes is achieved through the use of specific states and actions on an asset. And something gained from using EZOfficeInventory thats more than achieving compliance is the peace of mind.


Empower your employees. Through collaborative feedback and insights, shared assets can be utilized more effectively. Employees can provide helpful insights and references to domain matter of the asset to better enable the next individual who its assigned to.


  • Locations
  • Groups and Subgroups
  • Packages
  • API
  • Cart
  • Vendors
  • History Trail of your Data
  • Customized Views
  • Employee ID Scan
  • Data Backups
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Customized Notifications *Web-based


Having regular checkpoints in the asset life cycle enhances transparency and accuracy of information. The Audit module in EZOfficeInventory can be used to verify asset possession by having custodians either simply acknowledge or scan the asset labels as proof for possession.

Checkout & Check-in Assets

Checkout and check-in assets effortlessly with EZOfficeInventory. Asset custodians, such as employees and clients can play an active and useful role in keeping asset information up to date, using our control inversion model.

Custom Fields

At EZOfficeInventory we understand your business is unique and so is your process for tracking assets. The adoption of a tool is dependent on it utility and ease of adaptation. To allow EZOfficeInventory to adapt to your needs, we offer custom fields for assets that include text, numeric, date, multi-select and email alert types.

Custom Reports

If our extensive array of reports is not sufficient for your needs, you can create a report that meets your needs using the Custom Report tool. We’re also open to adding new reports based on common needs of our customers.

Excel Import & Export

Upload existing asset information via excel files directly into EZOfficeInventory. Our import tool features a dynamic mapping wizard that makes importing data a breeze. Custom Fields are supported during import as well.

The import tool supports Assets, Inventory, Users, Check-in/out events, Locations, Groups, and Vendors. Similarly, all your EZOfficeInventory data can be exported to excel.

GPS Location

Each scan of an asset’s label (barcode or QRCode) is tracked with details including geo-location, IP address and other useful information. An interactive map in the Scan Report shows geo-location of asset scans, allowing for quick identification of assets including those misplaced or lost.

Inventory Module

Along with assets, consumable items i.e. inventory can also be managed with EZOfficeInventory. Track inventory stocks by location with alerts for low stock and insights into stock consumption and replenishments.

Label Designer

Create professional looking labels of different sizes, styles and formats using the label designer. Asset details and other relevant information can be placed on the labels. Both Barcodes and QRCodes are supported in the designer.

Label Scanner

Do away with costly and rigid scanning devices. Now use our mobile apps on any smartphone with a camera to scan Barcodes and QRCodes. Our QRCode based asset labels also support 3rd party mobile apps for looking up asset labels.

Mobile Apps

EZOfficeInventory offers supporting Android, iOS and Windows apps in addition to being accessible from any mobile device with a browser. EZOfficeInventory mobile apps have Barcode and QRCode scanning baked right in, saving you cost and rigidity of specialized scanning devices. Scan labels from your smartphone to quickly pull up asset details, whenever and wherever.

QRCode Management

Manage QRCode settings to choose what information is shown when someone scans a label. This can come in handy if an asset gets misplaced or lost. As an example, QRCode scans can show appropriate address for returns and even reward details.


Planning an event in the future that requires assets and inventory items to be available? We’ve got you covered with the Reservations module that allows for planning and optimizing usage. Smart alerts through calendar, emails and inbuilt notifications improve efficiency and reduce conflicts for shared assets and inventories.

Services and Maintenance

Timely maintenance saves time & money and increases operational efficiency of an organization. The Service Module allows for tracking unavailability of an asset and maintenance costs over its lifetime.

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