311 Municipal Software for code enforcement, citizen request management, and citizen issue tracking.

About AccessE11

AccessE11 is a modern 311, and Citizen Issue & Relationship Management platform. It was designed to provide municipalities a simple, cost effective means to manage citizen issues. It includes the right set of features needed for staff and operations; from capturing the right details based on issue type, assigning staff and communicating progress, through to historic data analysis via comprehensive dashboards and reporting.

Video Overview

AccessE11 fosters simplicity, reduced administration effort and cost, and stronger decision making as well as enhanced compliance across four specific focus areas within local government operations.

  1. Citizen services, complaint, and issue management
  2. Job assignment and tracking
  3. Administrative Services: Management, compliance reporting, and evidence-based decision making
  4. Citizen Relationship Management: Contact management including tagging and interaction history

AccessE11 Features

Citizen issue management with AccessE11 consists of the digital tools, processes, and automated communications to deal with municipal issues quickly and efficiently. The system provides:

  • a simple structure to quickly capture which citizen reported an issue,
  • assignment of issues to define what staff member or department is responsible for resolving the issue,
  • a centralized location to update and track progress as the issue is worked,
  • automation of the communications with key stakeholders through to resolution and,
  • visual analysis and reporting to help municipalities understand historic trends, and how to address future issues better and faster.

AccessE11 Target Market

AccessE11 is ideally suited to local governments that serve communities with populations up to 100,000. Key departmental users include:

  • Customer Service
  • Public Works
  • Municipal Code / Bylaw Enforcement
  • Facilities Management
  • Parks and Recreation

AccessE11 Pricing

The cost of AccessE11 starts at $3,000/year.

Product Overview

User Reviews of AccessE11

Submitted on December 8th, 2020 by Kaila Zamojski, Deputy Clerk, Town of Arnprior from Town of Arnprior

The Town of Arnprior was looking for a way to improve our complaint and request for service management, of both internal and external requests. This was necessary to provide residents with better overall service and response time, as well as to provide staff with an organized approach to handling daily requests. Access E-11 has checked all of the boxes, when it comes to the needs of complaint and request for service management, for our municipality. The Town of Arnprior has been using the Access E-11 System for a brief period, and are very happy with the system and company overall. The staff are friendly and responsive. From the initial set-up, to the roll-out, and now implementation of the Access E11 platform, the process was seamless. The information from our previous system has been entered, and now all of our complaints and requests are listed in one place. It is great to have all of the citizen and internal request information easily accessible, as well as have the ability to track any actions taken. The Town of Arnprior also utilizes the web form and app functionality of the system, which are working well for the public to be able to submit requests. In addition, staff use the Access E-11 App to access the system from their other devices (tablet, phone, etc.), when they are unable to be in their office. Overall, the Town of Arnprior is very happy with the Access E-11 System and service we have received from their staff, thus far.

The Good…

The ability to track and action all requests in one place.

The Bad…

The system is working great thus far.

Submitted on December 7th, 2020 by Randy Watson - IT NAVIGATOR from IT NAVIGATOR

AccessE11 is a powerful software platform that allows its customers to quickly leverage information about their organization to make better strategic decisions. The cloud-based platform minimizes implementation time and allows for a rapid return on investment.

The Good…

Ease of implementation, powerful data tracking abilities, and a very reasonable cost to deploy and operate.

The Bad…

I really don’t have anything negative to say.