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PerformOEE" Smart Factory Software is an OEE Software Solution used by the world’s leading progressive manufacturing companies to increase capacity, reduce costs and drive Continuous Improvement.

PerformOEE" gives you CONTROL by highlighting performance issues in real-time. It supports Continuous IMPROVEment by identifying the inefficiencies that exist with your manufacturing processes & allows the appropriate actions to be put in place to address and remedy them.

By combining PerformOEE" Smart Factory Software with the Science of Manufacturing Methodology you will achieve a TRANSFORMative change, not only in productivity but also in organisational culture, delivering on your Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory objectives.

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PerformOEE Features

  1. Automated Data Collection: PerformOEE" is an automated, accurate, real-time data collection software solution which will provide you with superior process visibility on any device, the ability to accurately track losses and highlights a continuous stream of opportunities to focus on and fix.
  2. Live-Line Status: Plantwatch"provides real-time reporting information on all of the lines. PlantWatch" provides status and performance information, line speed, performance to target, OEE trend and calls to action on a single screen.
  3. Corrective & Preventive Actions: Allowing the assignment of tasks to individuals & the resolution status tracking of these tasks. PerformOEE" facilitates the uploading of Operator instructions (first line interventions) to standardise Operator intervention and quickly carry out the most appropriate Corrective & Preventive Actions, minimising the impact of the event on OEE performance in real-time.
  4. Automated Reports & Alerts: ActNow" is PerformOEE"'s performance alert system. ActNow" can be an alarm shown on the screen or can be coupled with MyAlert" to communicate performance problems via SMS or Email. ActNow" tracks performance in real-time against pre-set limits - breaching these limits triggers the ActNow" alarm signifying that some intervention is required in order to preserve OEE performance levels. MyAlert" is configurable real-time Alerts for events occurring on the line. Create unlimited profiles to filter the required alerts to the right people, Engineers & Support personnel.
  5. Downtime Reassignment: We also provide an Operator user interface where they can augment the automatic data and give additional feedback on manufacturing performance in real-time.
  6. SIC Charts, Core OEE Reports & Dashboards: PerformOEE"'s SIC Charts allow a Line Manager to make a very rapid assessment (in less than 30 seconds) of the issues impacting lines, and to decide if an intervention is required in order to maintain performance, prevent unacceptable losses or take action to eliminate re-occurring failures. The software also contains unlimited, customised reports & dashboards to suit the needs of various users within the business.the user can create ‘dashboards for purpose’ or a personal favourite dashboard for a regular meeting, management review etc. It also has the facility to automatically email these reports to a defined circulation list at agreed intervals.
  7. OEE Trends: Trends are provided for OEE, availability, performance, quality, scrap, output, and more. In addition to performance trending, the software also provides event trending. Understand how often alarms occur and verify if problems have been solved based on the MTBF of OEE loss events. Display a timeline of daily events for each line, showing planned and unplanned downtime events, reliability issues and change-over frequency.

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