A full ERP system designed by Epicor Software for retail trade companies.

About Epicor Retail

Epicor Retail is comprised of an integrated set of retail solutions designed to manage a multi-channel global enterprise productively, profitably and with an emphasis on achieving a seamless customer shopping experience. Epicor has helped many retailers successfully implement their end-to-end solutions to integrate sales channels, order management, inventory and other operations in order to have the right information at the right time.

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In today’s global retail market, retailers are seeking solutions to innovate the shopping experience and out perform their competition. Whether you are a specialty or general merchandise retailer, overcoming the challenges to manage multiple sales channels, enhance the shopping experience, obtain the right merchandise assortments and integrate enterprise systems-all while driving profits can be a daunting task. You need a system that can help you integrate your enterprise operations and provide you with tools to grow your business. That solution is Epicor Retail.

OS Compatibilities

Desktop OS

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Server OS

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Unix: Linux

Audit and Operations Management

Audit and Operations Management

Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management, designed for multichannel retailers, is a proven solution for ensuring and relaying accurate and timely transaction information throughout the enterprise.

At the heart of the solution is Epicor Retail Sales Audit, an award-winning audit solution that is regarded as the leader in the industry. Acting as the central repository for all sales transactions, this all-in-one data validation tool bridges the gap between your enterprise and the sales channels, helping to improve store operations and auditing productivity.

Audit and Operations Management is licensed by more than 100 retailers across North America and Europe, representing more than 20,000 stores and $50 billion in annual transactions.

Audit and Operations Management includes Sales Audit, Loss Prevention, Flash sales, and Voucher Management (Gift Cards).

Cross-Channel Order Management

Cross-Channel Order Management

Your customer is ready to buy. Your sales associate is ready to help. You have the item, but it’s not in stock in your location. What do you do - lose the sale - spend hours calling other locations?

Finding the perfect balance with inventory levels is the ultimate challenge for retailers. Overstocked items can kill you with excessive markdowns, but even worse, out-of-stock items lead to lost sales, walkouts and potentially lost customers. While stockouts are inevitable, lost sales are preventable with a cross channel order management system.

Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling software offers a centralized, real-time inventory locator and order manager solution that enables any sales channel - POS, e-commerce, catalog call centers, kiosk - to find inventory and fulfill orders across your enterprise.

If an item is out of stock in one location, Enterprise Selling will search and locate it in your chain-wide inventory. If available, Enterprise Selling order management allows you to capture the sale wherever the customer is and provide a convenient fulfillment option - home delivery or an in-store pickup. Unifying your retail inventories and sales channels with Epicor Retail Enterprise Selling solution will dramatically reduce lost sales. You’ll decrease customer walkouts, while increasing sales and customer loyalty. You’ll be able to move inventory throughout your sales channels, protect your margins, and maximize sell-thru. You won’t have to wait to see tangible results; you’ll see a return on investment immediately.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies are as important to business today as they have ever been. Retail is all about relationships and the strongest customer relationships are typically formed by retailers who have the best information about their customers. We’ve designed our CRM solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve and successfully meet the challenges that the market brings - helping you manage your customer relationships, from loyalty programs, to targeted marketing campaigns to instant promotional offers at POS.

Epicor CRM for Retail provides a 360 degree view of the customer enabling retailers to:

  • Build and manage loyalty programs
  • Execute and manage campaigns and promotions
  • Analyze a rich database of customer and transaction information across sales channels
  • Segment and manage lists
  • Analyze and measure the impact of CRM efforts

With real-time connectivity across all sales channels, Epicor Retail CRM provides the functionality and enabling technologies you need to ensure an all around world-class customer experience.



Epicor financial management solutions are designed to automate and streamline your financial processes with tools and controls to support complex legislative requirements and create value through timely financial monitoring including:

  • Accounts receivable, lockbox, credit and collections management
  • Accounts payable, electronic funds transfer, automated order matching
  • General ledger, allocations, consolidations and eliminations
  • Cash management, bank reconciliation and statement interfaces
  • Payroll, fixed asset, and tax management
  • Budgeting, forecasting and planning

Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions

In an industry where competition is fierce, margins are slim, and turnover is constant, retail training managers face tough challenges. Associate time on the sales floor must stay high, instruction must remain consistent across widely dispersed locations, messages must be timely in the face of rapidly evolving systems, and it all must happen under the pressure of tight budgets and cost-effective infrastructure.

Retail trainers need easily manageable learning solutions that produce real performance enhancement and, in turn, boost company business. Our learning solutions were designed with this in mind. The Epicor Retail Learning Technology Group is committed to helping your Associates and Managers perform at their full potential. Our team combines retail industry expertise with extensive background in all training modalities, from printed manuals to instructor-led classes to the latest in technology-based delivery methods. Our custom-produced digital multimedia and e-learning courseware offer the power of real-world simulation and interactivity, plus built-in tracking of training results.

The Epicor Retail Learning Technology Group will work closely with your store operations and training teams to determine the optimal delivery method for your organization, selecting from a variety of formats including eLearning, Video, Classroom Training, FlipCards, and more

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

When it comes to controlling retail shrink, protection means detection. This applies to both direct merchandise theft and register-based fraud, each of which typically accounts for roughly half of total employee theft. It’s a serious challenge: Estimates suggest that close to half of all dollars lost to shrink are attributable to employees, the largest overall portion when compared with consumers, vendors, or errors.

Basic surveillance is not enough: Any serious effort to combat losses must also involve comprehensive POS data analysis to identify unauthorized discounts, ‘sweet hearting,’ invalid returns, and cash shortages. However, traditional methods cannot keep pace. It could take weeks to manually audit the registers of even one store, and calculating permutations of transactional activity to highlight patterns and trends would be almost impossible.

Epicor Retail Loss Prevention streamlines and accelerates the entire process. This exception-based reporting tool analyzes a central database of store-level transactions provided by Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management to automatically detect patterns of fraudulent activity. The module is designed to enable faster fraud identification, better case management, improved productivity, greater staff awareness, and higher profitability across the retail chain.


Merchandising You have no shortage of options when it comes to selecting and creating merchandise. What is in short supply are the time and resources needed to manage that inventory for top results.

Epicor Retail Merchandising meets this challenge head on. Merchandising gives you the tools and functionality you need to analyze, order, price, and distribute merchandise for maximum return on your investments. By using consistent data to guide all processes, the solution automatically synchronizes and integrates key functions to let you:

  • Send exactly the right merchandise to exactly the store
  • Track the status of all merchandise through shipping, receiving, and distribution
  • Define your own business rules for pricing, data validation, inventory status, and purchase approvals
  • Alert users automatically to exceptions in merchandise performance by location
  • Reduce markdowns, end-of-season consolidations, and transfers
  • Allocate items directly to your stores using a fully integrated Allocation and Replenishment module to balance both merchandise plans and store-level sales activity
  • Analyze items by style or style/color and drill-down easily to more detailed information, to accurately measure the true cost of doing business
  • Isolate under-performing or over-performing items using exception-based functionality
  • Create flexible analyses and reports, and quickly initiate transfers and price changes
  • Integrate smoothly with best-of-breed Planning and Assortment Planning applications to streamline the creation of allocations and purchase orders

In all these ways, Epicor Retail Merchandising lets you tightly coordinate every key merchandising process in every channel for fewer hassles, errors, markdowns, and returns. The result? You’ll improve the performance of your supply chain, make your business more competitive, and optimize your ROI.



Driven by a powerful calculation engine, Epicor Retail Planning solution automates the creation and balancing of product and store plans. What’s more, you can plan to store level and create plans that you can ship to, quickly and efficiently. With Epicor Retail Planning , your plans are synchronized across your organization, helping you reduce inventory and increase turnover.

Thanks to full integration with Epicor Retail Merchandising (including Allocation and Replenishment), Epicor Retail Planning enables you to allocate to store plans quickly and easily. You can also plan assortments by store with combined visual and numeric planning. Finally, for a more immediate ROI, Planning offers a quick implementation option using standard rules.

Epicor Retail Planning offers planning best practices from some of the top experts in the industry. Our experts have been implementing planning processes and solutions for more than 20 years at over 45 of North America’s leading retailers.

Point-of-Sale and Store Systems

Point-of-Sale and Store Systems

The Point-of-Sale (POS) application is the most mission-critical system deployed by retailers today and is the heart of enhancing the customer’s shopping experience, increasing productivity and driving sales. In today’s multi-channel, real-time world, the POS cannot be an isolated system. It must also interact with other stores and other sales channels as well as exchange data with home office systems to put the right information in the hands of your store associates.

Epicor Retail Store solutions offer robust POS and in-store systems with high ROI applications. POS is a feature-rich system with a highly flexible configurator to meet your unique business requirements. Its real-time central lookup features include CRM, stock locate and order management, return management and mobility functionality. Epicor Retail Store solutions also have a full compliment of in-store back office options necessary to efficiently and easily manage the retail store. These modules are also accessible from POS giving your manager’s the flexibility to work on inventory, employee maintenance or other tasks while still monitoring the sales floor.

Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management

Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management

Epicor Retail Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, streamlines sourcing processes, and helps you bring your product to market faster.

Sourcing and PLM uses centralized workflow management of product development, collaborative vendor negotiations, production tracking, and logistics tracking, and provides you with the necessary tools for faster, cheaper, and more efficient supply chain management. With online, real-time data, and secure data updates, our Sourcing and PLM solution helps you increase productivity throughout your supply chain with greater visibility to information. What’s more, our expert Professional Services team understands the rapidly evolving business practices in product sourcing, and can bring that knowledge to your implementation. They evaluate and review each stage in the process, with an experienced view on how best to map the solution to your needs.

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User Reviews of Epicor Retail

Submitted on November 29th, 2016 by Anonymous

This system is easy to use and powerful. Our company uses it for everything we do. We are a smaller plumbing supply company, but Epicor Eclipse is capable of handling more that what we run through it each day. The nice thing about this software is that there is a whole community out there that is happy to provide tips and tricks they have learned through use of the system. I have used SAP, Peachtree, Solomon and none of them were as easy to use Eclipse. I am ecited to move on to the newer version, which is aesthetically more like Windows.

The Good…

I am somewhat new to Eclipse, but I have learned so much in such a short time. What I like best is that the software company continues to provide educational opportunities after you have installed the system. When I used SAP for example, once they helped the company with the install and initial training they were gone. The current employees/users were required to provide training to anyone new coming into the company.

The Bad…

Still getting my feet wet, plus we have an older mainframe looking version of Eclipse, so I don’t know what I dislike.